The Calm Before the Storm


By Anthony Mattariello

Asst. Perspectives Editor

The summertime gives students an opportunity to kick back and enjoy some sun.

However, some students choose to cut their summer short to fulfill their obligations to various Sacred Heart University programs.

Whether it is being an Orientation Leader, participating in a sport, working to make some money, many students move into their dorms and off-campus houses during the beginning of August.

Since there were a pretty decent number of students on campus, they each have different feelings toward moving in early.

Some students think that since you don’t have to worry about class during a pre-fall program that you would have lots of free time. In reality, that would completely depend on what you were here for.

Some students were able to find free time in their schedules.

“I had a couple of practices during the early part of the day, but after that I had the rest to do as a I pleased,” said senior Andrew Kalach.

Other students found it extremely difficult to have time to themselves.

“I had very rare free time because during the resident success assistant training there is very little free time, and the free time you do have between training sessions were spent with your staff making sure that everything is completed for opening as well as bonding as a staff,” said junior Jenna Rothermel.   

Sacred Heart is known to offer plenty of things for students to do on campus in their free time. Although in pre-fall, only some students found fun things to do on campus, while other students felt that the school didn’t have enough to offer.

“Sacred Heart had many things on campus to occupy my time,” said Rothermel. “I went to a few soccer scrimmages and I was able to attend the band preview show.”

However, some students were upset about some of the dining options.

“Sacred Heart didn’t have all of their facilities open during pre-fall which really bothered me,” said senior Christopher Kenedy. “Since Linda’s was closed, I was forced to eat at 63’s everyday. Plus Reds was closed, so it was kind of hard to enjoy myself.”

Having not that many people on campus also means students do not have a problem with parking.

“Parking at Christian Witness Commons was a delight,”  said Rothermel. “There were ample amounts of parking spots, so I pretty much had free reign.”

  Another perk of moving in early was the fact that the school generally looked a lot cleaner.

“Walking around campus you could tell that the school was cleaner. Plus the lack of students on campus made it easier to just sit down anywhere and get some work done,” said Kenedy.

Moving in before everyone else gave students a chance to get a head start on the school year too.

“Since I was moved in a week before everyone else, I was able to get acclimated and not have to worry about that while getting ready for class,” said sophomore Bryan Brown.    

Overall, pre-fall is a chance for students to get a head start on their school year before the waves of students come in the weekend before the first Monday of the
academic year.



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