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New Digital Smart Watches Featured In Many Stories Around The World. Photo By Caroline Fallon/Spectrum

New Digital Smart Watches Featured In Many Stories Around The World. Photo By Caroline Fallon/Spectrum

By Caroline Fallon

Staff Reporter

Through his good looks and sleek personality, James Bond popularized the concept of a multi-functioning watch when he was seen speaking into his wrist in the classic films. Over time, this futuristic idea has become practical through the creation of the smart watch.

Since the release, companies such as Samsung, LG, Michael Kors and Apple have all developed their unique versions of this James Bond concept.

Smart watches do more than just tell time. They have the capability to receive text messages, answer phone calls, check your email and stay connected through the immediacy of your wrist. On some models, you can even change the band to make them a tad classier or dress it down.

Some consumers are noticing that technology is beginning to make its way into the fashion world.

“I think they are trendy and will become even more popular in the future. I think smart watches have become an accessory piece that people use to complete their outfit,” said senior and president of the Fashion Club Claudia Gauriglia.

However, all smart watches do not look the same. An Apple watch has a square structure, mimicking a mini computer or television, while a Michael Kors watch looks just like any of their other classic watches.

“I had Fitbits [smart watch]before and liked their brand and this [Apple] watch gave me all of the things I wanted in a smart watch and not too much extra. I switched because having some of the notifications that came with this smart watch was nice,” said junior Daniel Fontaine.

In some cases, people are starting to believe that technology is becoming an additional type of fashion. However, some think the smart watch is the best new technological advancement, while others believe it is just a current fad.

“I think smart watches are just a new electronic for people to obsess over,” said junior Lauren Mahoney. “I prefer the classic watch. I believe that it is inappropriate to wear [a smart watch]to any type of formal event.”

According to Business Insider, one of the biggest concerns that some people have is the smart watches’ battery life. In order to preserve the battery life, the watch face will go to sleep after a continued period of time.

Although consumers are disappointed in the battery and having to turn on the watch face every time, it is not discouraging them from buying. A recent Forbes study shows that “The wearable’s market exceeded $2 billion in 2015, will hit almost $3 billion this year and over $4 billion in 2017.”

Yet, some people are still sticking with traditional choices and hesitant in allowing for new trends to overtake their fashion taste.

“Personally I am old fashioned so I love a good classic watch on a man or woman. Although since smart watches are becoming a trend this could perhaps become the new classic look for the future,” said Gauriglia.


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