Uber versus Lyft


By Kelsey Hor

Staff Reporter

Are you looking for a ride after a late night in Bridgeport or Fairfield? Have you missed the bus or shuttle for your 8 a.m. class? Rival taxi service applications, including Uber and Lyft, are designed to pick you up by the convenience of your smartphone.

“I always use Uber. I have never used Lyft and I don’t know anyone or many who use it,” said junior Lydia Wright. “With Uber you can get discount codes to make you ride more affordable. I just trust Uber because it is more widely used.”

Using a taxi service application has been the new alternative to the classic ride service. This innovative approach to a traditional system has been changing the market.

According to Uber’s website, they offer a variety of different ride options. Uber users can choose from different options such as premium for special occasions or accessibility for wheelchair and handicap services.

Uber offers 24 hours a day services in about 540 cities in 58 different countries. Uber also allows for you to rate your driver to provide other customer riders with tips and ideas to get the best riding experience as possible.

However, Uber’s competitor, Lyft, lets its customers not only rate their driver, but it also gives them the ability to rate the individuals that they chose to share their rides with.

Lyft, just like Uber, can be affordable depending on the distance of the destination. This taxi service application also has the option for customers to add a tip for their driver right from their smartphone.

Even though taxi resources are useful, some suggest taking precautions when using these services.

“It’s always good to let someone who you trust know where you are going and remember to charge your phone ahead of time. Check the Uber or Lyft drivers ID, if they do not match do not take it and get another cab,“ said Director of Public Safety Jack Fernandez.

“I use Uber when I’m mostly at school. Uber tends to draw a target customer following more towards suburban areas,” said junior Winnie Victor. “However, when I’m back at home in Boston, Lyft is my go to for a taxi ride. Lyft seems to be more popular in city area. Overall though, both will get you to where you need to go effectively.”


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