What Do Students Actually Know About Student Government?


By Gina D’Amico

Staff Reporter

How much information do you know about Student Government here at Sacred Heart University?

“I don’t know much about our university’s main Student Government,” said sophomore Nina Catanzaro. “However, I know that each club here on campus has a form of government. For example, the president, vice president and other officers of the pre-law club are very important to all students here interested in law. Just as the president and other officers of Greek Life keep sororities and fraternities running.”

President of Student Government, Taryn McCormick, explains how the organization is there to a be a voice for the student body.

“Student Government’s focus is on the students and students’ needs,” said McCormick. “We are the liaisons and the voice of the student body and our classes to administrators and faculty.”

“We put on events that will bring students together in a fun and creative way, and work to address the needs and wants of students for them to have a positive college experience at SHU,” she said.

McCormick detailed some of the events the student government plans.

“[We facilitate] the President’s Gala, SHU Hoops, Pack the Pitt, The Hunger Project, Mr. SHU, Dancing with Heart, The Cake Off, Midnight Volleyball/Dodgeball, Senior Pub Nights, Senior Week,” said McCormick. “Each class [also]hosts community service events for their individual classes.”

Senior Hannah Nickerson explains how she was uneducated about how many events Student Government runs.

“I never really knew much about Student Government,” said Nickerson. “I was surprised to learn that many of the events I go to are [run]by student government, such as Senior Pub Night.”

Sophomore Tara Zanni shared her views on the importance of knowing about Student Government.

“I think that knowing about the Student Government is important because it affects us as students,” said Zanni. “They try to make our experience on campus a better one and a lot of people don’t realize what is done for us by the Student Government. I think that students should focus more on who is running for their class to see how they are going to help/change SHU.”

Although some students may or may not know much information on Student Government here at SHU, Sophomore Hannah Jones talks about how she appreciates the work done by the organization.

“I am not involved in Student Government, but I actually do know a lot about it,” said Jones. “I know that they are heavily involved on campus and host many school-wide events to engage our SHU community. It is an awesome way to be involved in campus and I believe Student Government is one of the main organizations that keeps our campus as united as it is.”

McCormick explains how all students are welcome to ask questions and voice their concerns.

“Students are always welcomed and encouraged to come into our office in Hawley Lounge,” said McCormick. “We also have suggestion boxes that circulate throughout campus that students can voice their opinions through anonymously. Elections are coming up, so we encourage students to come in and ask about us, and to take out a packet and learn about the different roles of our organization and how they can be a part of making a difference on our campus.”

For more information on Student Government, visit their office on the first floor of Hawley Lounge or email them at student-government@sacredheart.edu.


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