Winter Break Plans: She Said


By: Christina DiMauro

Features Editor

As the fall semester comes to an end we get closer to every college student’s favorite time of year-winter break.

It’s that important period of time between fall and spring semester where students get a month off to go back to their hometowns and celebrate the winter holidays.

My typical winter break is one that a majority of college students also experience.

I know I use it as a time to catch up on all the sleep I’ve missed out on or lost during finals week. I also use it as an opportunity to work and earn extra money because I have quickly learned over the years that college makes you poor.

But I also get to celebrate Christmas and New Years with my family and its also the best time to reconnect with hometown friends, because it’s the first time since summer everyone is back in town together.

Even though I live in Connecticut, I’m not in love with the idea of cold weather or snow, so I also use break as an excuse to find a new show to watch on Netflix and binge watch it for the entire month to avoid walking outside on the days I don’t need to.

We all look forward to getting that break from school and letting our brains rest.

However, for me, this winter break will be one that is not so typical to my winter breaks in the past three years.   

This past summer my parents offered for my house mates and myself to go to their timeshare during our winter break. So, the four of us are embarking on a trip in January to Aruba.

After hearing about this I immediately jumped into our group chat and began to find out if everyone was going to want to go. I knew it would be a difficult thing to plan if I waited too long to inform everyone because they always have plans during their breaks with family. After a lot of convincing, talking and planning the three all made the executive decision to join along on my vacation.

The next step for us was cheap flight hunting. My mom quickly became the person looking everyday for flights and trying to find the best flights for the cheapest prices. We ended up finding a really good deal on flights in the beginning of August and once we booked them there was no going back from there.

The anticipation of vacation is something that gets you all too excited for the adventure ahead.

The four of us have been anticipating this trip since August and now as I am currently writing this it is only 34 days away. Before fall semester even began, we have been awaiting this trip, it has been months, but it feels like it’s been a lifetime.

Even though we have been awaiting it, there is the reality that we have run into that we are not going on a spring break trip like all of our other classmates in March.

I don’t think it’s usual for friends to take their big trip with each other for senior year during winter break. But my friends and I have decided that we aren’t doing anything outrageous for spring break because of this trip to Aruba.

We are still poor college students and that’s the reality of it, if it weren’t for my parents allowing us to use their timeshare I don’t think we would be going in January at all. Something you don’t realize when you are young is how expensive traveling can be and two trips within three months just doesn’t seem reasonable at the moment on a college students budget.

So while everyone else in the world is taking their trips in March, going to places like Cancun and New Orleans, my house mates and I will most likely be spotted hanging out in Bridgeport with each other because we have already had our fun in January.  But we are okay with that.


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