Falling for Fall


BY Kaitlin Katzenback

Staff Reporter

It’s time to pack away your swimsuits and break out your sweaters! Have you been anticipating the changing of seasons?

“Fall is my favorite season! I think it’s a very refreshing time of year. It’s all about new beginnings, especially as the new school year comes around. It’s also the beginning of the holiday season, which in my opinion is the best time of the year,” said junior Corinne Blanchette.

While many students do enjoy the fall season, the dropping temperatures are less appealing to others.

“I wouldn’t say fall is my favorite season because nothing really beats the summertime for me,” said senior Carolyn Lisboa. “My least favorite part would probably be when temperatures start to drop. Any indication that winter is coming never bodes well for me. I hate the cold with a passion.”

Freshman Patrick Lurgio also finds himself missing summertime.

“I would consider my favorite season to be summer. I spend most of my time at the beach and I don’t like the change in temperature during the fall,” said Lurgio.

For those students who have been anticipating fall, many may have also been anticipating the arrival of pumpkin spice seasonal flavors.

Products like Cheerios, Oreos, coffee and even dog treats are all available this time of year in a pumpkin spice seasonal flavors.

“I love pumpkin spice! I’m a fan of Dunkin’ Donuts pumpkin spice iced coffee. Pumpkin spice Cheerios are good too! I’m also obsessed with Bath and Body Works fall and pumpkin scented candles,” said Blanchette.

However, some students find the trend of pumpkin spice to be excessive.

“I’m not really into pumpkin spice, no offense to the hardcore pumpkin lovers out there, but I think the whole trend is over-hyped. I will admit to enjoying the scent of a good pumpkin spiced candle though,” said Lisboa.

Many students are also looking forward to fall activities such as pumpkin picking, apple picking, and celebrating Halloween.

“I’m so excited to just spend time outside, even if it is just walking to class during the day. When the weather is nice, my roommates and I want to go apple picking nearby. We are also planning on celebrating Halloween this year. We aren’t sure what we are doing just yet, but we are excited to figure it out,” said freshman Natalie Kennedy.

For students looking to partake in fall activities, many have found Silverman’s Farm, located in Easton, to be a great location.

“I would highly recommend Silverman’s Farm. There are so many different fun things to do. There is a petting zoo where you can feed the animals, a little market area where they sell food, and there are hayrides to the apple orchard where you can go and pick your own apples as well,” said junior Danielle Milin.

Regardless of one’s opinions about the seasons changing, one thing is certain: the temperatures are dropping and soon fall will be in full swing.

“Fall is such a pretty season,” said Lisboa. “I love seeing the colors of the leaves turn. It is so scenic and beautiful.”


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