COVID-19 Pandemic: Its Impact on My life


By Pat Kelleher
Staff Reporter

The coronavirus pandemic is something that is going to be talked about for at least the next 100 years. This is getting comparisons to the 9/11 attacks in terms of the impact it is having on our nation. The only difference is, the whole world has joined us, going into full panic mode. Unfortunately, we have to take all the drastic measures necessary in order to ensure the health and safety of everybody. 

One of my friends from back home was studying abroad in Barcelona, where there has been a huge outbreak. Upon returning home, he immediately self-quarantined himself, knowing he was in a very exposed area. It turned out he contracted coronavirus while in Spain and tested positive. Luckily, he had very mild symptoms and has since made a full recovery.

For me personally, a world without sports is something I have never endured. I have been a diehard sports fan ever since I could comprehend anything. The worst part about this is the timing. This is one of the best times of the year in the world of sports.

March Madness, NBA and NHL playoffs right around the corner, opening day for the MLB, and the Masters tournament. The MLB, NBA and NHL now have their hands full with what they should do to complete their seasons. Baseball is the one that hurts the most for me. Today, March 26, was supposed to be opening day. I have been a diehard New York Yankees fan ever since I can remember. With the Yankees bringing in pitcher Gerrit Cole and having world series aspirations this year, it makes it that much more difficult having to wait even longer for the season to start. I have waited since late October to watch the Yankees take the field but little did we know a global pandemic would be upon us.

If  we want everything to go back to normal again, we all must do our part during this time. Practice social distancing, stay home, and wash your hands. We will get through this.


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