New Scoreboard At Campus Field

The new scoreboard at Campus Field brings a new level of excitement to Sacred Heart home games

New scoreboard at Campus Field brings a new level of excitement to Sacred Heart home games. Photo by: Heather Keller/Spectrum

By Dhameer Bradley

Staff Reporter

The new scoreboard is in place at Sacred Heart University’s Campus Field. The scoreboard consists of high definition visuals, sound, replays and live feeds.

In the past two years, Campus Field has upgraded both the turf and track and has now added the new scoreboard to give the fans a great game atmosphere.

“The scoreboard expands our marketing promotional reach,” said Associate Director of Athletics and External Affairs Christopher O’Connor.

The scoreboard on the field not only upgrades the spectator’s experience, but also the student athlete experience from a year ago.

“The scoreboard is a nice addition to an ever-expanding campus. Not only does it add flavor to the Sacred Heart football team, but the playback makes the game experience even more fantastic,” said sophomore Malik St. Hilaire.

Students around campus have noticed the newest addition to Campus Field and can only imagine what Sacred Heart has in store for the future of athletics.

Just a week ago, even though the football team was winning big, the scoreboard was not completely finished, at the time lacking the visual aspect. The stands were packed, but by halftime it was as if the whole crowd disappeared.

However, upon its completion the following week, the scoreboard’s visual aspects added an interactive air to the game, encouraging fans to stay not only until halftime, but for the whole game.

“On behalf of the members of the external affairs staff, the scoreboard is operated and can display team introductions, birthday celebrations and even movies,” said O’Connor.

The staff produces the videos and build the still cards. The external affairs staff has put in major time and effort to get the scoreboard up and running.

“They deserve a huge pat on the back for their hard work,” said O’Connor.

With a contribution from the school and a great amount of fundraising done by the Executive Director of Athletics, Bobby Valentine and Executive Director of University Advancement, Nick Wormley, the scoreboard was put into place at Campus Field.

Since 2013 when Valentine was hired, Sacred Heart Athletics have been taking steps in a positive direction as the facilities have been upgraded for the better.

The improvements made to the athletic facilities over the past two years have been drastic. Time will only tell what will be the next addition to Sacred Heart’s growing campus.

With the addition of the new scoreboard, Sacred Heart’s atmosphere of university athletics is foreseen to gain
involvement from the community.


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