Tim Tebow Homers on First Pitch

Tim Tebow making his exciting debut in the baseball world. Photo by Chris Carlson/AP.

Tim Tebow making his exciting debut in the baseball world. Photo by Chris Carlson/AP.

By Daniel Marro

Staff Reporter

Tim Tebow, the baseball player?

After his time as a NFL quarterback, Tebow decided to give up the pursuit in football and switch to baseball.
Following a tryout in which 30 teams attended, he signed a Minor League contract with the New York Mets.

Tebow was once again front and center as he played his first game in what is called the Instructional League, which consists of the MLB organization’s young prospects.

All it took was one pitch to change some skeptics into believers, as he so often did as a NFL quarterback.

On the first pitch of his first professional at bat, Tebow crushed an opposite field homerun off of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, John Kilichowski. Although that was the only hit of the game for Tebow, it obviously caught the attention of the sports world.

“It’s pretty cool to see him actually have some success,” said senior Kyle Unger who is a member of the club baseball team. “It will certainly be interesting to see if this leads to something more.”

That “something more” for Tebow is reaching the Major League level.

While many people believe the Mets signed him strictly for publicity purposes, the homerun brings up the possibility of actually making it to the Major Leagues.

“The homerun he hit was pretty remarkable, especially off of a lefty, there is no doubt about that,” said senior Mike O’Brien. “I don’t see him making the roster anytime soon, but maybe in two or three years it could happen.”

Tebow’s fans, although support his new career, are hesitant about his baseball abilities.

“As a huge fan of his, but a doubter in his baseball ability, it was crazy to see that actually happen,” said Unger.

Whether he makes the Major Leagues or not, it was impressive for Tebow to connect on an opposite field home run on the first pitch he’s seen.

It’s even more impressive that it was Tebow’s first time hitting a homerun against an opponent in a live game since he was just a sophomore in high school.

From the beginning of his NFL career to now pursuing a MLB career, Tebow has
astonished people with what he can do. He has been constantly mocked for the things he has done, but he continues to follow his dreams with a relentless work ethic.

“I think that it’s a great move because it brings attention to the team and possibly more fans,” said senior Edward Caperna. “Tim Tebow has a great athlete’s mindset. If he turns out to be a great player, it would really benifit the team.”


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