A Farewell to He Said, She Said

BY Roberto Rojas

Previous Perspectives Assistant Editor

During my senior year of my undergraduate, I had the distinct honor of becoming one of the co-editors of the Perspectives section for The Spectrum newspaper. One of the main things that made the section special during my time there was something called “He Said, She Said”.

Having been a part of the newspaper since my junior year at Sacred Heart, this was definitely a different kind of responsibility as an editor. It was a much different experience as opposed to being a writer for Professor Kabak’s News Writing and Reporting class during my second semester of sophomore year.

The section itself is pretty self-explanatory as you might figure out from its title. Basically, it’s a weekly column that puts one member of The Spectrum staff with another to debate about a certain topic that is perhaps trending in today’s world. Some things we focused on were specific tasks and interests, such as the normal life of an everyday college student.

Some of the topics have included Apple Music vs. Spotify, Winter vs. Summer, night owl vs. early riser, Snapchat vs. Instagram, texting vs. speaking on the phone and many other general topics. The topics have become subject to debates by many of our peers which perhaps might continue to be debated for years to come!

What made the section so interesting is the idea of debating a certain topic and from my “perspective,” it was refreshing to see the different kinds of opinions that my own peers had.

It’s unfortunate to see the section discontinued for the 2019-20 school year, but I have been grateful to have been able to work with two amazing co-editors such as Erica Condon and Gina D’Amico. On a personal level, I wish the best for both in their senior years and for the Spectrum under their new Editor-in-Chief Bryana Cielo.

Thank you for everything!

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