Daniel Remiszewski – Northeast Medical Institute


By Claire McNamara

Staff Reporter

Daniel Remiszewski, a 2014 Sacred Heart University graduate and a 2015 University of New Haven MHA alumnus, is also the owner of Northeast Medical Institute.

Northeast Medical Institute is a Post-Secondary Occupational Training school which offers licensing and certification programs approved by the CT Office of Higher Education and the CT Department of Public Health.

Students on track to becoming physician’s assistants could gain clinical experience and knowledge from the Northeast Medical Institute.

“We offer courses to those interested in getting clinical experience in the medical field. Our courses include Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), Phlebotomy, Patient Care Tech (PCT) and American Heart CPR Courses,” said Remiszewski.

With a variety of viable courses, students are able to become better equipped to work in their field of study. Students may also be interested in attending Northeast Medical Institute because of its flexibility and practicality.

“Northeast Medical Institute offers classes conveniently in Stamford downtown, and Woodbridge (New Haven). Our CNA course is only two weeks and two days in the daytime, and four weeks and two days in the evening and can be easily taken during your fall/spring semester. The courses we offer are known to be not overwhelming, and also a nice little break from college credit courses,” said Remiszewski.

Students going into the medical field require field and clinical experience in order to advance in their career.

“Physician Assistant (PA) schools require you to meet a certain number of clinical hours, and the easiest way to achieve clinical hours is to become a CNA or PCT. Most Med schools also look highly on those who show clinical hours within a healthcare facility. Don’t wait too long to begin gaining clinical experience hours, or you will fall behind and have to take a gap year just to complete 400 clinical hours which are required for your desired school,” said Remiszewski.

“At Northeast Medical Institute, we focus on recruiting those who are interested in getting their foot in the door as a nurse assistant or PCT. The majority of our students are those who are interested or currently pursuing a bachelors in Nursing, or on Pre-PA or Pre-Med track,” said Remiszewski.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of physician assistants is projected to grow 37 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.”

Since jobs in this field are in such high demand, prospective PA’s may want to increase their clinical experience in order to stand out.

“PA clinical experience helps me further understand if this is the field I want to be in. It also allows me to get hands on learning experience that will help me for the future,” said Carly Niemiec, a sophomore and Pre-PA student.

With clinical experience, students are able to become familiar in a professional setting with bed-side manner and patient respect.

“Clinical work is really important as it is a hands on experience where students can learn while shadowing from an expert in their field. You learn so much more in real life situations than in a classroom,” said Niemiec.

If you’re interested in learning more about Northeast Medical Institute, you can visit their website, www.northeastmedicalinstitute.com and register online or call


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