“Friends” Takes on a New Generation of Viewers

BY KALI D’Agostinis

Staff Reporter

The popular American sitcom “Friends” marked its 25th anniversary on Sept. 22.

Many students expressed their admiration for the television show and believe that watching the show has become a part of their everyday routine.

“I just love the show because when you’re watching, you feel like you’ve formed a bond and friendship with these characters,” said sophomore Grace Zuzzolo. “It’s relatable, hysterical, and makes you feel okay for not having your life together either!”

“Friends” began airing in 1994 and finished with 10 seasons on NBC. The show revolves around six friends played by Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer.

The show is a 90s sitcom but remains relevant today to new generations.

The show has been offered on subscription services such as Netflix and will be moving to WarnerMedia on its streaming platform, HBO Max, in 2020.

Some students are disappointed that the series will no longer be available on Netflix after 2019.

“It’s going to be difficult once ‘Friends’ leaves Netflix since I watch it all the time on there,” said senior Allison O’Reilly. “I will not buy another streaming service since I only want to pay for Netflix.”

A lot of students binge-watch the series on a day-to-day basis, whereas I enjoyed the sitcom when it first aired on television. Parents and their children can bond over it.

“My mom and I watch an episode or two almost every weekend. It’s just so interesting to experience the show that my mom obsessed over when she was younger. It’s a really cool connection from the past,” said junior Sam Morin.

In honor of the anniversary, clothing company Ralph Lauren released a Rachel Green inspired clothing line. In the show, Rachel Green (played by actress Jennifer Aniston) worked as a publicist at Ralph Lauren.

“Since I’m a fan of the show and I am a fashion merchandising major, my two worlds collided,” said junior Gabriella Boccia. “Rachel Green’s wardrobe was iconic and I’m glad Ralph Lauren is celebrating it.”

The line will feature Green’s outfits from the show, ranging from her wedding dress to her high-fashion wardrobe during the final season.

“Friends” is continuing to celebrate 25 years, with a “Friends: New York City Pop-Up Shop.” From now until Oct. 6, the sitcom is letting fans immerse themselves in the experience with set recreations like Joey and Chandler’s apartment, photo opportunities and the infamous Central Perk coffee shop. Due to high demand, the experience has sold out.

“The show deserves to be celebrated after all these years,” said junior Megan Carson. “It’s a classic.”

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