Get Ready, Registration is Here

BY Mackenzie Maher

Log onto Blackboard and click on Student Planning and Advising. Pick out all of the classes that need to be taken for the following semester. Make a few different versions of a schedule just in case classes fill up. Wait for the registration time to begin, click submit and hope to get into the courses.

This is what the days leading up to registration and the morning of registration look like for junior Alexa Caputi.

“I usually sit outside of the registrar’s office before registration just in case I experience any issues,” said Caputi. “This year, the registrar’s office sent out an email that said for best results to register in our dorms, houses, classrooms or the library because hallways cannot sustain the wifi traffic. Although this is different than what I’m used to, I plan to sit in my house to register and hope for the best.”

In October, registrar offices moved from the Main Academic Building to West Campus. Some students say that this change will make it not as easily accessible if there are problems during registration.

“I’m concerned that since registrar isn’t on main campus anymore that I won’t be able to access registrar unless I take a shuttle,” said freshman Karleigh Lamoureux. “Since freshmen already have the last day and times to register I need to be able to go and tell them if I don’t get into classes.”

Other students say it is more difficult to get help in a timely manner with registrar’s office being at West Campus.

“The time that it takes getting to West Campus may determine if you get the classes you want or not or if something does go wrong with the system during registration,” said sophomore Paul DeMatos.

Within the past year, Sacred Heart University has used a new registration system, Student Planning and Advising. The system allows students and advisors to plan and manage students academic progress as well as search and register for courses.

Many students say the new registration system overall is an improvement.

“I think the new registration system is much better than the old web advisor one that the school used to have; it’s much easier to use and it’s clearer,” said sophomore Julianna Roma.

Some students say that the new system helps plan, track, and organize courses that are required in order to see what is needed to stay on track to graduate.

“I personally really like the new registration system, I think that we should’ve switched to it years ago,” said senior Leela Gallucci. “It’s much clearer about the courses that are needed for each person to graduate. It also makes it easier for the advisors since they can approve their student’s schedules without having to meet in person.”

According to Sacred Heart’s website, students with priority can register earlier than the rest of their class; this includes honors, veterans, athletes and Office of Student Accessibility accommodations.

Sophomore Tori Hanuschak is a cheerleader with a priority registration time and still says registration is a stressful time for her.

“Even with priority for student athletes it can be hard to get a schedule that coordinates with all of my extra curricular activities,” said Hanuschak.

On the other hand, sophomore Robert DiNota is a football and lacrosse player with priority registration and says being able to register earlier lifts a huge weight off of his shoulders.

“I’m not as stressed about getting into my classes as some of my friends that have to register with the rest of our grade. I find it a lot easier to get into classes because of having priority scheduling for being a student athlete,” said DiNota.

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