Jack Welch College of Business Welcomed Frank Martire for Dean’s Leadership Series


Frank Martire spoke to the Sacred Heart University community in the forum of the Frank and Marisa Martire Business and Communication center. Photo by Victoria Mescall/Spectrum.

By Victoria Mescall

Circulation Manager & Staff Reporter

On March 22 Frank Martire, Sacred Heart University alumnus and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, spoke in the Dean’s Leadership Series for the Jack Welch College of Business.

The event titled, “A Conversation with Frank Martire,” took place in the Forum of the Frank and Marisa Martire Business and Communication Center and was moderated by Dr. John Chalykoff, Dean of the Welch College of Business (WCOB).

The room contained students and faculty from disciplines across the university. The crowd filled the floor seating, the third floor mezzanine and left standing room only in the back.

“We’re just thrilled to have Frank back,” said Chalykoff. “Every time we have him back he’s just so supportive of the college and I think what he says to the students is so meaningful. He spoke about ethics and integrity, and his life is a good textbook for policy because it’s real and he’s all genuine.”

Martire was born and raised in Bridgeport to a blue collar family, as he said to the audience. He attended Notre Dame High School in the very building that is now the main academic building for Sacred Heart.

“When I came to Sacred Heart, I wasn’t hoping to get my name put on a building, I was hoping to get my name put on a diploma,” said Martire.

After graduating from Sacred Heart in 1969 with a degree in Economics, Martire began his career in business in the Technology Department at Connecticut National Bank. He said his experience led him into cyber security furthered his success in business.

“I’d like to say that success is all hard work, but you need a little bit of luck,” said Martire.

Some students who attended the presentation appreciated Martire’s advice for future success.

“I’d have to say that the conversation inspired me,” said freshman Mike Seaman, who is majoring in business. “When Mr. Martire said that we should cherish and enjoy these college years as well as work hard during them, it really hit me. He even said that he envies us college students because of it. That just really made me want to work even harder.”

When asked from members of the audience what his best business advice would be, Martire assured them that doing what is fair will always be most important.

“I liked that Mr. Martire said to do something that you truly love and are passionate about, and the money will follow,” said
sophomore Jess Durray.

His experience with gaining success over time connected with students pursuing the same aspirations.

“It’s really great that the WCOB has so many networked connections to executives who are willing to speak to the students,” said senior economics and finance major MaryAnn Victoria. “It was especially exciting to hear that Martire graduated from Sacred Heart and grew up in this area, and I think it gave him an extra connection to the students.”

Due to his background in business, Martire had advice to offer current students about the challenges that may come up in the
working world.

“One thing I didn’t say in the presentation was that the focus of business is not to be a great manager, but rather to be a great leader,” said Martire “It’s all about leadership. A lot of people can manage people and direct them, but to lead people, that is very different. During my presentation I talked a lot about having good morals and ethics in business, but it relates to personal life too.”

Martire said he will continue to be involved with Sacred Heart in the future.

“Those ethics and morals I talked about earlier in the conversation, I got those here at Sacred Heart,” said Martire. “I am very indebted
to this university. I think that there is a personal foundation that
you get from your family. And when my wife Marisa and I get the opportunity to give back to our Sacred Heart family, we’re going to do it.”


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