New App Allows for More Connectivity on Campus


By Roberto Rojas

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University recently released a new app known as SHU Connect. The app allows students to connect to each other and organizations within the Sacred Heart community.

According to iTunes, SHU Connect “connects you to our campus, keeps you organized, and makes sure you never miss out.”

For some faculty members, they see this becoming an app that will make students aware of what is happening on campus.

“The app was introduced this semester as a way for full-time, undergraduate students to connect with various involvement opportunities on campus,” said Sara Helfrich, Assistant Director of Student Activities. “In the past, in order for students to participate in events on campus that are coordinated by the Office of Student Activities, such as Student Event Team events, students needed to just show their ID. And now, starting in the fall semester, students will be required to have their IDs swiped using the SHU Connect app.”

Students can now be informed about other organizations they might have an interest in.

“From academic events, club and organization programs, performing arts events, athletic events and so on and so forth, all Pioneers who have this app will be able to view those events, connect to other students getting involved, and be more in touch with the departments on our campus,” said junior Cory Robinson, Vice President of Council of Clubs and Organizations. “I firmly believe that all it takes is one step to change your life on our campus, and this can happen through Student Activities and CCO now with just a click of a button.”

SHU Connect can be downloaded free of charge via the app stores for Android and Apple devices.

Amy Ricci, Director of Student Activities, is confident that the app will become very popular for the remaining school year and beyond.

“SHU Connect will be great for the Office of Student Activities because it allows us to see the amount of students and the demographics of students attending each event,” said Ricci. “Fraternities and sororities are also listed as groups on the app, and in the future, we plan to add even more organizations and groups from across campus.”

As of the now, users are only given information on the organization such as who to contact.

“When I tried to download it, it didn’t really look as interesting and appealing to me,” said sophomore Ryan Kulish. “I strongly dislike it.”

Despite students having access to other social media networks such as Facebook,
Instagram, GroupMe and LinkedIn, this app is specifically for Sacred Heart students.

“Since the app is only for SHU students, it easy access to events,” said sophomore Trevor O’Brien.


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