Sacred Heart Debuts Parent Council


By Roberto Rojas

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University recently appointed Ralph and Margaret Mucerino, two new chairs who will work to unify current students and families with the university through the Parent Council.

Kierran Broatch, Director of Development for Parents and Families, announced the acceptation of their positions in an article written for the Sacred Heart Magazine.

The Parent Council meets twice during the academic year to discuss plans for events, such as the summer send-off and welcome calls that aim to prepare prospective students for college.

“We’re up to 28 families now on the Parent Council from all around the country. I think that’s great because we’re able to have council members welcome and connect with new families from various regions,” said Broatch. “We’re definitely looking to keep growing the council so we can engage more and more families whose kids are going to SHU.”

The council also aims to get more involved with events and meetings that will attempt to enhance the students’ experiences.

“We plan to increase the visibility of the Parent Council relative to supporting the recruiting and retention of students,” said the Mucerinos. “We want to identify important issues that impact the quality of life of our students and work with the university in resolving any specific issue.”

Broatch previously worked the same position at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn. until September 2015.

He came to Sacred Heart with one goal in mind.

“I was brought here with a focus to get more parents involved with the university,” said Broatch. “Our members attend meetings and events on campus, host receptions, make welcome phone calls to new families, and support SHU philanthropically.”

Some students think this council is a positive addition to the university due to the
involvement that parents have already with the school.

“I think it’s a good thing because many schools already successfully do it,” said sophomore Ryan Roberts. “I feel like it’s a way to help to the community and I think they’re going to love it.”

Connections between the Parent Council and current students can further guide prospective students through the college admission process, while assuring them that they are not alone during their first few months away from home.

“I still think the main focus should be with current students of the university because it is with them that perspective students can relate to the most,” said sophomore Trevor O’Brien.

The Council also plans to host career development events to connect current students and alumni with job opportunities after graduation.

“We’re really excited to connect with more SHU families as it continues to grow,” said Broatch. “We think the Parent Council can have an impact at SHU by helping to enhance the overall student and family experience.”

For more information or to join the Parent Council, contact Broatch at (203) 396-8272 or


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