Sacred Heart University to Host Walk to End Violence Against Women and Girls


By John Cerretani

Staff Reporter

On Sunday, April 30, Sacred Heart University will host a Walk to End Violence Against Women and Girls, in order to raise awareness for abuse and violence against females.

This event will be sponsored by The Center for Family Justice Inc. as well as Sacred Heart University’s Delta Tau Delta fraternity.

The walk will be held at the university’s new West Campus that has been recently acquired from General Electric. It will also be the university’s opening of this part of campus.

There will be many speakers in attendance including, President Dr. John J. Petillo, Title IX Coordinator Leonora Campbell, President and CEO of The Center for Family Justice Inc. Debra Greenwood, Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara, as well as members of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity.

“This is an event that we really look forward to, as it is for such an important cause,“ said Delta Tau Delta member Greg Argenio.

The Delta Tau Delta fraternity is very involved on campus with their stance to end violence against women, and will be playing a very key part in this event.

Some members of Delta Tau Delta and other participants in the walk will be walking in high heels to represent their solidarity and support to all women.

Chapter President of Delta Tau Delta, Ryan Cannata will also be speaking at the event about the fraternity’s dedication to their philanthropy this year.

“Delta Tau Delta’s local philanthropy is what really made me want to get involved in Greek life, it is such an important issue and the fact that any organization made it their top priority really stood out to me,“ said Argenio.

The event will also recognize the Fairfield Police and other first responders for their efforts to aid Caitlin Nelson on March 30, 2017.

Debra Greenwood, who is also speaking at the event, is a Sacred Heart University alumna, and is also the President and CEO of The Center for Family Justice Inc.

Greenwood feels very strongly about the need for awareness of this problem, and the desire to preserve the rights of all women.

In a statement released by the university, Greenwood spoke about the event and Sacred Heart University’s involvement in it.

“I am very proud of the University for hosting its very own event this year. There is a strong chemistry among Sacred Heart’s community that I am very proud to be part of. We know the turnout for this event will be huge, and SHU’s community will come together to raise awareness of the number of sexual assaults that occur at universities across the country,” said Greenwood.



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