She Said: Do You Eat in Bed?


By Missy O’Rourke

Photo Editor

Picture this: it’s a cold and rainy day. You’re all tucked up into bed watching your favorite Netflix show, your favorite candle is lit, and you’re wearing your new fuzzy socks. Cozy, right? Suddenly you get the sudden urge to eat a snack.

You now have two options. Option one: you can get up and get your snack and eat it at the kitchen table, or on your couch, or at your desk. You might get cold, you might miss some of your show, it would be tragic.

Option two: you take your snack and you get back into your bed and continue the coziness. If you didn’t pick option two you’re probably a psychopath, (Bryan).

I typically get pulled into writing these She Saids because I get into arguments with people during the Sunday topics meetings.

This past meeting, Bryan and I really got into it, which is why we are here today.

Bryan’s biggest concern with the issue is being messy and getting crumbs and things all in your bed.

Now, first of all, I am absolutely not saying to eat a full blown Chipotle burrito or 5 course meal in bed.

I am certainly not trying to find a piece of chicken or lettuce under my pillow. That is definitely for the table.

But a little snack, you know like a bowl of cereal, maybe a cookie or chips, even a harmless bit of mac and cheese, now that’s something to eat in bed

Bryan said that he’s the type of person to eat at the edge of the bed. Why sit at the edge of your bed when you can just get into it? It’s basically the same exact thing.

You could get crumbs either way so just take the risk. And who cares if you get some crumbs in your bed? It’s called a vacuum, just clean it up after.

If you’re the person who then leaves the plates and remnants of your meal on your side table or somewhere in your room, you’re giving us eat-in-bed people a bad name.

Just like you would eat at a table, you must clean up your mess. Why would you leave gross food out around your room? It’s just wrong. No one wants a family of ants trampling around your room.

The most important thing about being a person that eats in bed is knowing when it is appropriate to eat in bed.

If you are at home from college and you are supposed to be having a family dinner, you do not eat in bed. If you are home alone at school or home, then you know what? Go for it. No one wants to sit at the kitchen table alone.

In conclusion, if you want to eat in bed, go for it, but be respectful of your bed.

Avoid crumbs and spillage, because at the end of the day you don’t want to be sleeping in that stuff.

I only love my bed and my momma. I’m sorry Bryan.



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