SAS and Trends in Analytics Panelists Visit Campus


By Bryan Casey
Staff Reporter

On Feb. 25 Sacred Heart’s Jack Welch College of Business and Technology hosted a panel where they discussed SAS and trends in analytics at West Campus’s iHub, powered by Verizon. 

The event was held on national SAS (Statistical Analysis System) day which is observed once a year and is utilized to discuss SAS technology.

“Many other universities hold similar events for their students on national SAS day as well,” said Dr. Jose Mendoza, assistant professor at the Jack Welch College of Business.

SAS is a company based in Cary, N.C., where it began as a statistics company in 1976. The company then developed to create market analytic software to aid in data analysis for decision making. This technology helps to deliver information in a timely manner, conducts performance reports for future use, and provides an easy to use platform for data management and analysis. 

An article on Sacred Heart’s Newsroom said, “the company has collaborated with colleges and universities around the world to launch more than 300 joint programs.”

A variety of different types of companies utilize this technology in order to create a more efficient process. This technology is utilized by large companies, like Google, Facebook, and a variety of other Fortune 500 companies, as well as brick and mortar stores who utilize smart retail. Smart retail allows the consumer to view and try in-store products through an online setting. This allows for a much easier and more well-formulated trial process for the consumer. 

Last year, Sacred Heart launched a program in collaboration with SAS to provide students pursuing a master’s degree in digital marketing the option to become SAS certified. 

“Sacred Heart University is the first institution of higher education to offer the SAS Joint Certificate Program in Digital Marketing,” said Sacred Heart’s newsroom. 

This joint program is an advancement which will allow those who gain the master’s degree in digital marketing, with an SAS certification, new opportunities and strengths within the workforce and job search.

“Sacred Heart is one of the leading universities delivering this AI technology to the student body,” said Mendoza. 

There was a variety of individuals who presented at the event in late February. Fashion marketing professor David Loranger moderated the panel discussion. Marketing professors Jose Mendoza and Janet Bumstead, from Sacred Heart, presented alongside professors from other universities.

Brooke Carlson, a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Sacred Heart alumna, was present to give background about the technology from a fashion perspective. SAS representatives Dan Mitchell and Cheryl Cass also gave a lecture and answered questions. 

Around 50 students attended the event alongside professors, faculty and staff.

Most students that attended the event were pursuing a master’s in digital marketing and wanted to learn about the SAS certificate available to them. Others were simply interested in SAS or analytic technology,” said Mendoza. 

A lot of SAS technology utilizes AI, or artificial intelligence, in order to perform everyday business procedures. AI embedded within SAS technology allows for a more automated process for overcoming problems. 

Professors who spoke during the panel talked about new-age AI technology, and the current availability and important utilization of it. They stressed that the technology has been thoroughly developed, and is accessible when working for SAS, a company that uses SAS, or stores which offer smart retail functions.

“We held this panel so that students can know that working with SAS and AI technology is not in the future but is available presently,” said Mendoza. 

A similar event is predicted to be held for SAS day next year. 



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