Students and Professor Travel to Ireland for IoT Conference



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Two students and a professor traveled to Dingle, Ireland to participate in an event called The Internet of Things.

Senior Kristen Lahaise, junior Nicolas Treglia and School of Computing professor Robert McCloud made the trip across the Atlantic to be a part of this weekend-long

The concept behind The Internet of Things (IoT) is using sensors and switches to connect more things to the world.

“A big example is how you can use your phone to turn on the lights or tell your Amazon Alexa to order you an Uber in 15 minutes,” said Treglia.

One thing that seemed to stand out at this event was the great diversity of people and professions that were in attendance.

“We were grouped into different domains, mine being health and fitness oriented,” said Lahaise. “People in attendance included business owners, students, musicians, and people who are experts in their field, whatever that field may be.”

This was something that came as a shock to the students, as they originally thought that it was only going to be people with similar professions and interests to themselves.

“I went into this conference thinking it was going to be all computer science people, only to find myself in a group with a professional singer, a gym owner, Kristen, and Prof. McCloud,” said Treglia.

For Lahaise, the trip was a learning experience about The Internet of Things.

“I knew very little about The Internet of Things before this trip and was amazed to see how technology is strategically woven into so many different areas of our life,” said Lahaise.

Treglia, Lahaise and McCloud were tasked with brainstorming over the weekend and developing a concept for The Internet of Things application.

This idea was then presented with the hopes of being chosen for further development.         

Out of the 15 groups that presented work, the idea of Lahaise, Treglia and McCloud was one of the few that were recommended.

“Our idea, to store personal data on secure servers so the user could disclose it to health professionals, not insurance companies or other outsiders, was one of the three recommended for additional development,” said McCloud.

Traveling to Dingle made the trip even more memorable for the three.

“Dingle, Ireland is a truly inspirational and beautiful location,” said Lahaise. “It is the perfect spot to host a creativite initiative like this conference.”

Both students felt that this trip was an opportunity that they would not want to miss.

“I was approached to take this trip by Professor McCloud and it was something I just couldn’t turn down,” said Treglia. “I have heard so many great things about the SHU Dingle program and I jumped at the opportunity to see it for myself.”

Treglia and Lahaise were very proud to go on this trip and showcase their skills to
the the people that were in attendance, especially as representatives of Sacred Heart University.

“I was extremely grateful for such an opportunity, especially since I grew to love the community of Dingle when I studied abroad there this past May,” said Lahaise. “I’m very excited to see what comes out of this conference and how it could impact such an amazing community.”


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