Students React to Campus Events


By Kelsey Hor

Co-Perspectives Editor

If you had to ask one of your favorite childhood television stars a single question, what would it be? If you could meet one of the biggest up-and-coming hip-hop/rap artists at the moment, would you?

Sacred Heart University is hosting two events throughout the semester that will get you up close and personal with two well-known celebrities. Some Sacred Heart students were pleased when the news about each of the appearance dates were announced.

Nickelodeon star, Josh Peck, is known for his appearances on his own show “Drake and Josh” and on “The Amanda Show.” He will be having a Q&A this Wednesday, Jan. 31 at Scared Heart University’s Edgerton Theater.

Some Sacred Heart University students would argue that they are more happy to see stars from their childhood.

“I love Josh Peck because the show Drake and Josh was such a huge part of my childhood,” said senior Lydia Wight.

Later on in the semester, another celebrity hip-hop/rap artist, French Montana, will be taking the stage when performing at Sacred Heart University’s annual spring concert on Mar. 23.

Besides being in an ex-relationship with television personality Khloe Kardashian, French Montana has been known to the hip-hop/rap world for his hit songs “Tip Toe,” “A Lie” and “Unforgettable.”

According to, the hip-hop/rap artist has a net worth of $8 million within the past year. Collaborating with other famous artists such as The Weekend, Travis Scott, Pharrell Williams, Future and more, he has been getting his name out there to hit the music charts.

“I am excited that both Josh Peck and French Montana coming to campus. If I had to say though which one I would pick to see over the other I would choose Josh Peck,” said senior Maria Ogundolani. “I know more of his work and I’m more of a fan.”

Other students are looking forward to seeing and hearing French Montana more.

“I personally like don’t really care about Josh Peck. I was so excited to hear French Montana is going to be our spring concert,” said senior Lianna Grillo. I’ve been a huge fan of French Montana for a while so I will definitely be going to his concert here.”

Although some students are planning to go to the concerts, other students have mixed feeling about French Montana being our spring concert.

“Some people really like his music,” said sophomore Rachel Kadagian. “Some people don’t even know who French Montana is, and others don’t like his music at all.”

Throughout the years, Sacred Heart University has held spring concerts featuring Maroon 5, Steve Aoki, The Chainsmokers, Eli Young Band, DJ Snake, and 50 Cent.

Certain students feel that there should be more appearence events throughout the semester in general.

“I think SHU needs to have more celebrities like Josh Peck,” said senior Kayla Dolan. “They seem to be just more relatable to us students. They’re ‘not huge celebrities’ so they kind of seem like real people in a way and it’s more fun for us to have an intimate question and answer with those people.”

No matter which celebrity it is, some students say it still can be hard to get tickets.

“I would be more excited to see Josh Peck if I was able to get tickets. It was so competitive and sold out basically immediately, ” said senior Lydia Wight. “French Montana is also a good choice for a spring concert though so it’s going to be a good semester at Sacred Heart.”


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