Agape Latte- Annie Wendel

By: Devyn King

Staff Reporter

On Feb. 21 at 8 p.m., Campus Ministry hosted guest speaker Annie Wendel, Assistant Director of Volunteer Programs & Service Learning, for the first Agape Latte event of the semester.

Wendel presented her talk, “Rooted in Faith,” in Linda’s at Sacred Heart University. She then discussed the challenges she faced during different phases in her life. Some of her big life transitions included adapting to Providence College and learning to ground herself in the fast-paced environment of a college.

“On a college campus that offers nearly every opportunity to get involved, at that point it also leaves less time for leisure, time for yourself, time for reflection and time to just be,” said Wendel.

Agape Latte is a coffeehouse-style speaker series through Campus Ministry. They hold events twice a semester.

“Live music is provided by someone from the SHU community, along with free coffee and cookies, and trivia and prizes,” said Devon McCormick, Campus Minister. “It is an incredible night that provides a welcoming atmosphere for people from all walks of life to come together for a night of fun and conversation surrounding faith of all types.”

At this specific event, Mike Fritz provided live music the first half hour, while students and faculty socialized, drank coffee, and ate baked goods provided by the university.

The audience then participated in the trivia game that took place just before Wendel started speaking. Students were asked questions relating to Wendel, such as where she went to graduate school, which service-learning program she is going to this week, and the month and year she started working at the University.

If the questions were answered correctly, prizes such as water bottles and headphones were awarded.

Wendel began her speech by interacting with the audience. She had everyone stand up and form a yoga pose with her.

“Tree pose was an inspiration for what I wanted to highlight tonight. Yoga is not only a physical and mental way to you to connect with your body, but it also helps you to be spiritually grounded,” said Wendel.

She brought up her experience abroad in Australia where she taught at a local school. Being abroad impacted her life and helped her to view the world in a new way.

Wendel met a Dominican priest named Jim, and shared with the audience the new perspective he gave her on living in the moment and experiencing life as it happens rather than always anticipating.

Sophomore Jared Morris was personally impacted by Wendel’s speech.

“The speaker impacted me by informing me that there are different ways to connect to myself besides acute events. The accumulation of events in my life all come together to change me progressively despite never having a defining moment, just like Annie was discussing in her speech,” said Morris.

According to McCormick, people can get involved by becoming a member of the Agape Latte Student Board, which is the group that selects the speakers, organizes the event, and runs the whole show.

The next Agape Latte event this semester April 11. The guest speaker’s name has not yet been released.

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