He Said: Mac vs. PC

BY Roberto Rojas

Asst. Perspectives Editor

For a majority of the time that I’ve owned a laptop or a computer in general, the main ones were general PCs such as Dell, HP, or Acer. They were the ones that my parents were able to afford and that it was just something I had to deal with, being accustomed to Windows desktops and whatnot. However, that all changed once I reached my senior year of high school. As I was preparing to head to college within a year’s time, I felt like it was time for a change and that’s when in 2014, I got my first Mac: a MacBook Air. I instantly fell in love with it and it was so refreshing to make that swift change from Windows to an OS. On top of that, all the basic apps that came with the Mac at the time were wonderful given that I already had various Apple products such as an iPhone and iPad, so being able to connect all that towards my own computer was great.

Once I was able to head to Sacred Heart the following year, it’s become such a useful tool and I can say with the deepest honesty that I have not regretted the choice of owning a Mac. As someone who wants to keep with the times and be absolutely tech-savvy with whatever it may be, my MacBook has allowed me to do my work in the best and most organized way possible and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

Through and through, just the whole idea of having a MacBook, especially in the field of study that I’m in at school, all the software needed be it in Adobe or any type of digital editing software has allowed me to use the tools I have, either in the internship that I’m in or in the classes and soon to be jobs that I will hopefully get in the future, the experience and great help that my laptop has provided me has been something one of kind in my opinion.

I don’t want to make it sound like a PR pitch or anything like that, but I generally believe that if you switch from a PC to a Mac or if you’re just getting a new computer period, I highly recommend Apple. Of course, I’ll have to switch my own laptop after having it for more than four years, but if I had to choose my next one, I’m providing my loyalty to Team Apple and getting a new Air or Pro laptop.

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