He Said, She Said: Bumming it vs. Dressing Nice

BY Erica Condon

Perspectives Asst. Editor

Confidence is the key to success. And personally, I feel most confident when I am dressed well and put together. Haven’t we all heard of the phrase “Dress for Success”?

When I dress up in the mornings I instantly feel a boost of energy and motivation for the day ahead of me. I try my very best to get up every day before my classes with enough time to shower, wash my face, put on some makeup, do my hair, and pick out an outfit for myself.

Being a girl, this process of dressing up is definitely a little more in-depth with the addition of makeup and hair care. But I truly enjoy this time of self-care in my days. This routine of getting ready drives me to have a productive day and a positive mindset. There is just something about looking your best and feeling your best.

I have to admit, some days I would much rather wear a pair of sweatpants instead of jeans. But I have noticed, on days I dress down, I feel a much stronger urge to just crawl back into bed after class and take a nap.

Dressing comfy and not getting ready makes me feel much lazier and less motivated. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my occasional lazy days (especially when I have class at 8 a.m.). However, I like to push myself out of these lazy habits. Sometimes, we all need a comfy day, just in moderation.

I make my best effort to put myself together for classes and start my day on the right foot. When I am wearing an outfit that I love, I feel so much more awake and ready to tackle my day. I am much more likely to go out on campus and study, complete assignments early, meet with friends, cook, run errands, etc. when I am dressed up. So next time you would rather click snooze a little longer in the morning, I challenge you to get up, dress your best, and see where your day takes you.

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