He Said, She Said: Moe’s vs. Chipotle

BY: Gina D’Amico

Perspectives Editor

Chipotle or Moe’s? That is always the question that comes up between my friend group. Half of us normally say Moe’s while the other half says Chipotle. I personally always liked Moe’s better than Chipotle until recently. When I was a huge Moe’s fan I used to crave the food all the time and look forward to “Moe’s Mondays” every week.

In high school, my softball team would always head to Moe’s after our practices and games. My signature meal at Moe’s would be a quesadilla with lettuce, cheese, chicken, rice and queso. Before coming into college, I never had Chipotle because where I lived there were none around me. I always heard my friends talking about how good it was but I never got to experience the food for myself.

Many organizations across college campuses do a Chipotle fundraiser which encouraged me to go and test it out. I remember the first meal I tried at Chipotle was a burrito bowl with chicken, brown rice, peppers and onions, cheese, lettuce, and mild salsa. My immediate reaction when I tasted the bowl was “WOW”.

There is something about Chipotle bowls that makes me not feel guilty after eating one. However, with Moe’s I feel like it is unhealthier. Personally, I think the chips at Chipotle are much better than the ones at Moe’s. Chipotle’s chips have a hint of lime juice on them which makes them so amazing. However, one item that I like better at Moe’s would be the queso. Although I do love Chipotle more, their queso does not compare to Moe’s queso.

I was in disbelief that I had not tried Chipotle until I got to college. I look forward to receiving emails that some organization on campus is doing a fundraiser at Chipotle because it gives me an excuse to go and get some good food. In addition, I love how supportive the company is towards helping organizations at our school raise money. I would choose Chipotle over Moe’s any day.

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