She Said: Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj

BY Maria Konstas

Contributing Writer

The Nicki Minaj and Cardi B debate sparked due to the two females in the same rap industry group, fighting dirty and playing dangerously. I come to you, the reader, to address the profound career Nicki Minaj has built which should be incomparable. Regardless, of Cardi B and other female rappers, Nicki has climbed the music ladder earning her the queen title. As college kids, we are witnessing the rise of Cardi B’s career. Whereas, we have grown up with Nicki Minaj, watching her career flourish.

As a middle-schooler, I would bump the song “Super Bass” and “Moment 4 Life”. During the early 2010s, we witnessed Nicki evolve her brand as “THE pink Barbie.” She launched a national community of girls who were a part of her Barbie dream.

In her early rise, she bumped with rhythm, bass, and fire lines. She’s a smart and talented woman, which is evident since she is apart of the Young Money label. Let’s not forget the anthem “Bedrock,” which we would innocently sing in the car: “I love your sushi roll hotter than wasabi” for our parents to turn it down in horror as to what type of sushi roll their children were naively referring to. What can I say? This song was a hit in our middle school time.

After debuting with Young Money, Nicki went through phases of different wigs and characters, encouraging self-representation. She branded herself with Pink Friday. Everything was pink. Her fan base grew exponentially, and other artists wanted to collaborate with her. Such as Beyoncé; if Beyoncé wants to collaborate with you, then you’ve basically made it.

Focusing on Nicki’s self-made success, she writes her own rap. Her latest album Queen features the song “Barbie Dreams,” where she freestyles and grills other artists. She later is on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, where she is given the challenge to freestyle. Stephen provides one line, and Nicki creates her verse. She’s no cookie-cutter rapper; her raps are creative and bold. Regardless of who her competition is, she is not backing down nor losing listeners. She calls the shots in her own success making her the rightful queen of rap music.

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