She Said: Traditional vs. Boneless Wings

BY Angelina Dinota

Asst. Public Relations Manager

It’s September 6th and you wake up to a nice fall day with brown and orange leaves covering the ground. You walk downstairs to see Dad wearing his favorite #13 Giants jersey and Mom is wearing an #87 Patriots jersey, just to get under his skin. The oven is already going and the cousins are already on the way. The biggest opening day of any sport across the nation.

Tailgates, family, and football. A tradition that only one food can suit the traditions standard, traditional bone-in wings. Looking at a traditional chicken wing covered in buffalo sauce defines Sunday Night Football.

I picture myself sitting in my basement at home with my brothers, mom, and dad watching Sunday Night Football eating wings with the bone. I mean, yeah, maybe I got yelled at a couple times for making a mess, but I mean the taste is totally worth it. There is nothing like the taste of a traditional wing with a bone compared to a boneless wing. The bone itself adds character to this food. The look, the aroma, the taste; everything.

Boneless wings ruin the point of a wing. A real chicken wing has bones, no? It’s only natural to have the bone there and not try and make something that technically is not a real chicken wing. The look of it just isn’t the same, no less the taste. Yeah, some people think more in-depth regarding the mess. But who cares, all-in when in comes to eating wings. Boneless wings are just a spin-off of a breaded chicken nugget. But I just will never understand why someone would willingly eat a seasoned chicken nugget opposed to a whole other real food.

I personally feel like boneless wings can only be eaten as an appetizer opposed to a meal. Traditional wings can act as both an appetizer and a meal.

I personally feel they are more satisfying than a boneless wing. Personally, I feel that the best place around Sacred Heart for traditional wings is The Sitting Duck Tavern. 10/10 on the taste, aroma, and appearance. What much more could you ask for? They’re not dry either. Nothing is worse than biting into a wing and it not being juicy. But think about the way a traditional wing tastes when it’s juicy and has the bone-in. There is just no food like a traditional wing to describe it fully. Something I have noticed in my time of eating wings, it is much easier to overcook a boneless wing opposed to a bone-in traditional wing. So now, maybe let’s talk about a dry boneless wing….. Ten times worse. Disgusting.

Meat on a bone is just better in any case, whether we are talking about traditional wings, or even a steak or a pork chop. It’s just better overall.

Traditional wings all the way.

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