Dead’s at Red’s

BY Dominic Caporale

Managing Editor for Business

Halloween is always a fun holiday, but for some Sacred Heart juniors and seniors, it might be especially exciting. On Oct. 29, Red’s hosted their annual Halloween event called Dead’s. Dead’s is something most upperclassman that are of age look forward to.

Red’s is a pub located on Sacred Heart’s campus, in the basement of the Linda E. McMahon building. The pub runs events almost every day during the week. Some of the big events are Senior Pub Night, Trivia Night and Club Reds.

The staff at Red’s spent a lot of time preparing for events between the planning, decorating and setting up. Most nights of the week, Red’s is a normal looking pub, but when Halloween comes around, the pub is transformed into a spooky Halloween atmosphere.

The entire pub was covered with Halloween decorations. The ceilings were swarmed with spider webs, skeletons hung from the walls and bloody foot prints lined the stairs.

Each year Dead’s has a theme, and this year it was based on the Netflix original series “Stranger Things.”

“The place didn’t even look the same, there were so many things, and I thought they did a really good job decorating,” said senior Joe Toci.

Not only is Red’s decorated, but students are encouraged to dress up and wear Halloween costumes. There are prizes for costumes, which consist of best male costume, best female costume, best duo and best group costumes.

Although the pub was filled with students in various costumes, only a few could take home the prizes. Students lined up and were judged on their costumes, either individually or in their groups.

“I really liked how they had a raffle, too. I thought it let the students without the best costume to also have a little fun and a chance to win something,” said Toci.

“The way they really included ‘Stranger Things’ in the promotion and the event was really cool. I’m a big ‘Stranger Things’ fan, so seeing some of the things they had set up was really cool,” said senior David Deblois.

The pub reached maximum capacity soon after they opened at 8 p.m. Students lined the stairwell in Linda’s waiting to enter the pub.

Senior Steven Trumbull said, “Even though it was packed, there was still great service and all the people that were there were having a good time.”

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