Fraternity and Sorority Life Events Update

The emergence of COVID-19 in the 2020-2021 school year eliminated holding opportunities for socialization among students at Sacred Heart University.

In the likes of Greek life, where fraternities and sororities thrive off on-campus events for fundraising, the latest campus guidelines allow chapters to return to their old ways.

The on campus Greek life experience in the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semester was restricted to an extremely high degree, and some members felt a lack of involvement in their organization. 

“Coming to college and joining a sorority I looked forward to having the opportunity to be a part of on-campus events and engaging with other students, but when that was taken away because of restrictions, it was heartbreaking,” said sophomore Bri Celia, member of Phi Sigma Sigma.

With in-person events back in order, there is a universal feeling of unity amongst some of the sororities.

“It feels really empowering to be able to hold in-person events because last year I had never experienced it before as a freshman, but it feels good seeing everything come together,” said Celia.  

Some members of organizations are thrilled to see their chapter coming together in person again.

 “It feels really good and very motivating and fun to see the whole chapter together, and I also feel like I got much closer with everyone in my sorority after having in-person events opposed to Zoom,” said sophomore Ava Zecchino, member of Zeta Tau Alpha.  

It has been noticed by some members that the increase of in-person events has allowed the sisterhood to come together.

“I think it is very noticeable that the level of unity has increased tremendously as holding in-person events is one of the key components of chapter, and doing it in a sisterhood manner where we are all together obtaining a goal you set to complete is very satisfying,” said senior Larissa Scandura, Director of Philanthropy for Kappa Delta.

Some feel that in person events reflect the atmosphere of campus life at Sacred Heart.

“This past Sunday our event was during an open house day where prospective students got to see first-hand how fun and united this school could be through our philanthropy event, and President Petillo stopped by and expressed how great he thought the atmosphere was,” said Scandura.

Unlike last year, students involved in Greek life are happy with the new rules and already see the positive financial affects in their fundraising.

“It feels amazing having the ability to host our events in person again. For Zeta Tau Alpha, our philanthropy is Breast Cancer Awareness, and with our in-person events this semester, we were able to raise over $8,000 for our philanthropy,” said Eger.

Last year, organizations faced struggles fundraising for their philanthropies with the lack of in-person events and COVID-19 restrictions.

“Losing out on $6,000 in fundraising last semester was a hard pill to swallow but encouraged our chapter to work our hardest to fundraise the most we possibly can,” said senior Victoria Eger, Director of Philanthropy for Zeta Tau Alpha.

  Being involved in Greek life, these individuals set time aside to work hard and plan events to raise money for causes bigger than themselves.

“I really missed the satisfaction and pride I felt after months of dedication and preparation for various in-person events that you knew were going to make the lives’ of others more enjoyable,” said senior Mary Austin, President of Phi Sigma Sigma.

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