Spring 2022 Registration: How Did it Go?

The end of the 2021 fall semester at Sacred Heart University brings new tasks to the table for the student body on campus. As the semester comes to a close, students must plan their class schedules for the next semester before registration.

Overall, most students agree that registration can be a busy and stressful time trying to figure out the best way to secure desired classes for the next semester. As some students receive their ideal schedule, others must figure out alternatives.

“I’m a stressed person, so I get a little nervous when it comes time to actually register for my classes,” said sophomore Mae Morelli.

For students registering for the first time, the nerves were intensified.

“This is really my first time ever doing something like this. At first, I was chill about it, but when the time came to make my schedule, I kept worrying about if I was going to get all the classes I signed up for,” said freshman Hunter Sancetta.

Many agree with Sancetta, even if they are experienced with registration. On the other hand, there are students who have no worries at all about the process.

“I’m pretty calm,” said sophomore Gabi Dossantos.

Students utilize a program called Student Planning and Advising (SPA). On the Sacred Heart registration webpage, it is described as “a secure site with access for current students and faculty. Through SPA, students can plan their courses for multiple semesters. Students can request advisor approval for current registration periods. Students can search for open classes, and register online.”

For many, the SPA website is seen as a reliever of stress due to the accessibility of it.

“It is much easier to operate than the previous service SHU had, which I believe was WebAdvisor. I’d say you’d still need your Advisor to explain how it correlates alongside your major check sheet, but tracking your progress is much easier,” said senior Grace Crowley.

Others agree that the process of finding classes is individualized, but the SPA system presents information in a way that is simple for users.

“Once you figure out what classes you need to take, SPA makes the selection process that much easier,” said sophomore Brandon Sweeney.

Although stress is a clear component of class selection and registration, there are instances where registration appears to be not as stressful for students who are in priority groups. Priority groups consist of honors students and athletes, who are able to register before the rest of their class.

“Because I play lacrosse, I receive priority in registration for next semester and that just makes it so much more convenient for me in getting the classes that I desire,” said Sweeney.

Similar to Sweeney, other athletes find that registration is less stressful as they are able to register early.

“As a student in the college of Health Professions, being able to register early opposed to my peers made it much easier to plan my courses around my games and practices,” said sophomore Victoria LoPinto.

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