Too Early for Christmas?

On Nov. 6, Starbucks released their new holiday cups with the tagline “Carry the Merry,” along with a free red collectable cup with the purchase of a seasonal drink. In addition, Netflix has already released Christmas movies on their streaming site.

With the arrival of holiday-themed products across many popular brands, some people are asking the question: Is it too early to celebrate Christmas?

“I personally love Christmas and everything that has to do with the Christmas season,” said junior Mollie Rogan. “My family usually starts decorating after Thanksgiving, however, I don’t think any of the decorating at this moment is too premature because I love to see it.”

Others agree that celebrating after Halloween is the perfect time to get into the festive spirit.

“I think it’s appropriate to start decorating for Christmas any time after Halloween. Whether it be the day after, or two weeks later, there is really no time too early for some Christmas decor,” said senior Tom Lawless.

Various stores and towns have started to decorate for the Christmas season. The Jonas Brothers even released their new song “I Need You Christmas” on Oct. 30, before Halloween. Some students say they have already purchased holiday beverages from Starbucks.

“I have already started drinking the Starbucks seasonal drinks, so I’m already in the Christmas spirit,” said Rogan.

Although many students are already in the Christmas mindset, others believe it is too early to start celebrating, especially before Thanksgiving.

“I think it is too early if you decorate before Thanksgiving,” said junior Nick Molden. “I personally believe the holiday marketing is happening too fast and skipping over the celebration of Thanksgiving.”

Some students believe people should remember it is still the fall season.

“We should be in the fall spirit rather than the Christmas spirit. By decorating for Christmas now, it feels as though people are forgetting the spirit and purpose of Thanksgiving,” said senior Nicole Blanco. “Christmas season, for me, officially starts the day after Thanksgiving.”

Others say they do not start listening to Christmas music or watch holiday movies until after Thanksgiving has been celebrated.

“I only really hear Christmas music before Thanksgiving because of social media and people making videos with Christmas songs,” said senior Nick Pelletier. “I watch Christmas movies after Thanksgiving, though.”

Even though some people have already started to decorate their houses for the holidays, others say they are holding off on watching festive movies and listening to Christmas music.

“Although I already have my Christmas tree up, I probably won’t start watching Christmas movies or listen to music until it’s shown on TV or the radio,” said Lawless.

Due to this unprecedented year with COVID-19, some students believe the rules and expectations this year are looser.

“Even though I think it is too early to celebrate Christmas, maybe anything should go this year,” said Blanco. “This year as a whole has been very different and out of the ordinary, so I don’t think there are many expectations or any right or wrong decisions.”

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