Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers

Should all healthcare workers be vaccinated?

“As a nursing student myself, I made the decision to get the vaccine. I believed that I did not want to get sick or be the reason that a patient would become ill,” said junior nursing student Chloe Savino. “However, I believe it should be up to the person if they want the vaccine or not, and I would not turn down care from that individual just based on their vaccine status.”

President Joe Biden plans to announce that staff at all health facilities must be vaccinated to rein in the virus, according to MSN news, after a long battle with the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. Outrage has occurred, especially online, as health care workers are being released from their jobs due to their decision to not get vaccinated. Some believe that this steps over the line of freedom, while others disagree and believe those in the health field should be vaccinated against the virus.

The Sacred Heart University’s Coronavirus Planning Team released word of mandatory vaccination status for all students over the summer to ensure campus safety. The first shot of the vaccine had to be done by Aug. 13, and the second had to be done by Sept. 15. Additionally, Connecticut has issued a mandate for vaccinations for health care workers, with many other states beginning to implement the same protocol.

Some SHU students prefer to be cared for by vaccinated doctors and nurses.

“I would prefer them to be vaccinated especially if dealing with Covid patients to avoid spreading this pandemic further,” said junior Alison Romansky.

According to a Forbes article dated Oct. 15, some religious worshipers believe that the Covid vaccine should be a person’s choice, while other religious leaders encouraged their followers to be vaccinated.

“While I do understand the counter argument that those who have religious and health exemptions against the vaccine should not have to be mandated to get it, I still firmly believe that if you are in the healthcare field, you have to support the medicine that you are working behind,” said junior nursing student Lindsay Kassardy. “When an individual makes the commitment to be in the healthcare field, they also make the commitment to stand behind all medications, vaccinations, and medical procedures that support health promotion and wellness.”

Similar to Kassardy, other students say that the mandate for vaccinations among health care workers will hopefully stop the spread of the virus.

“We need to curve the spread as much as possible, and in order to treat Coronavirus patients, you should believe in the science behind it,” said junior Rachel Wolf.

Sacred Heart requires all students to get the Covid vaccine unless they have applied for and received an exemption for medical or religious reasons. Students who are vaccinated and students who are not vaccinated also all must wear masks indoors to avoid the spread of the virus.

“Healthcare workers that are not vaccinated should understand they are responsible for spreading a virus to another who cannot handle its repercussions, and knowing that risk, they should comply with weekly testing,” said junior nursing student Ava Giamanco.

Other students say the misinformation that is circulating about the vaccine is making it harder for those who are unvaccinated to make an educated decision.

“Misinformation about the vaccine adds to the outrage of healthcare workers who do not want to be vaccinated,” said Romansky.

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