The Grammy Awards Fashion Report

On March 14, the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards were aired live and featured performances from artists including Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish. The stars wore new and unique fashions both on the red carpet and during their respective performances. 

Many Sacred Heart University students enjoyed the Grammys and the looks shown from the celebrities in attendance.

“I watched some of the performances the next day and liked a lot of them! I really liked what Billie Elish wore, I loved the green and I think her look was my favorite,” said sophomore Paige Hall. 

According to People Magazine, Billie Eilish wore a custom Gucci look on the red carpet, which detailed a balck embroidered tiger print placed over green and pink floral fabric. The look was a coordinating set from head to toe with Eilish’s outfit matching her hat, mask and gloves. 

In a YouTube video, Fashion Critique Luke LaMarr said, “While yes, I think the look is still oversized in the sense, I do like that she’s going for things that are less gigantic because it shows a bit of range and showcases a different side of Billie that’s pretty cool!”

For the performance Eilish wore a new look, also custom made by Gucci. According to People Magazine, Eilish performed in a matching green denim shirt and pant set that was bedazzled in a spiralized pattern all over the front. Along with this, she wore a jewel headpiece that fell over her hair and onto the front of her forehead. The look was paired with matching green gloves, finger-less to show off her long nails. 

According to The Associated Press, “Say So” artist Doja Cat came onto the red carpet wearing a custom look by Roberto Cavalli. The black and cream detailed bodice featured a low neckline which came to a point past her navel. The dress then flared out into a full skirt covered in bright green and black feathers.

In her red carpet interview, Doja Cat said, “I like something that’s kind of out there. I feel like I’ve been kind of toned down before this.”

According to People Magazine, Harry Styles, the “singer and fashion risk-taker who’s nominated for best pop solo performance, best pop vocal album and best music video” came onto the red carpet in a custom Gucci look.  

Style’s outfit consisted of a yellow plaid blazer with a sweater vest underneath, wide-leg brown corduroy trousers and a purple faux fur boa. 

In the same Youtube video, LaMarr said, “The look has this kind of 60s and 70s flair to it, with a little bit of rock and roll but at the same time it has that British old-man sensibility which honestly I kind of love!”

According to People Magazine, Style’s performed on stage wearing a black leather custom Gucci suit and a green faux fur boa. Many commended Style’s stylist, Harry Lambert, on his decision to showcase a leather look which is not typical for the singer to wear. 

“Harry’s great! He’s a super well dressed and stylish guy,” said junior Patrick Coyne.

According to The Associated Press, singer Lizzo wore two Balmain looks on the red carpet. Both looks were heavily gathered glam dresses, the first in pistachio green and the second in a light pink.

In a New York Times article, Fashion Director Vanessa Friedman said, “The first quasi-live mega-awards red carpet since Covid-19 began was like a fashion primal scream. It was also kind of fun. Who wants restraint when we’ve all been constrained?”

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