Meet the Staff

Maisy Carvalho- Editor-in-Chief

Managing Editors:

Mia Sansanelli- Managing Editor: Editorial

Deanna Reinhardt- Managing Editor: Business and Multimedia

Writing Editors:

Jill Amari and Kailey Blount- Copy Editors

Sophie Camizzi- News Editor

Emilee Camodeo and Colleen Shaffer- Assistant News Editors

Robert Finzio and Maria Capriano- Sports Editors

Alex Marciniak- Assistant Sports Editor

Julia Hallisey- Features Editor

Jenn Halloway- Assistant Features Editor

Elizabeth Coyne- Arts and Entertainment Editor

Maria Zegarelli- Assistant A&E Editor

Deanna Drakopoulos and Ashlin Haley- Perspective Editors

Jill Amari- Editor of Audrey’s Corner

Publication Management:

Joseph Decarlo and Julie Dunn- Photo Editors

Amber Martinez- Web Editor   

Theo Haubrich- PR Manager

Jackie Champoux- Assistant PR Manager

Brendan Williams- Circulation Manager

Prof. Joanne Kabak- Faculty Advisor