The Importance of Campus Involvement for New and Returning Students

College life is a key turning point in someone’s educational career. Whether you are a first-year student just embarking on this wonderful journey or an experienced returning student, being involved on campus cannot be overstated. It is an essential part of the college experience that provides a wide variety of chances to further one’s personal, intellectual, and social growth. 

No matter what year you are in school, Sacred Heart University provides hundreds of opportunities for students to participate in campus life. Students of all ages are encouraged to join local clubs and organizations in order to get more involved in their community. Campus involvement plays a crucial role in helping college students achieve academic success. 

Sacred Heart University offers over 80 student-run clubs and organizations to all undergraduates on campus. Academic clubs include the English Club, Criminal Justice Club, Neuroscience Club, Women in Business Network, and more. By joining one of these academic-based clubs students of all class years can collaborate with peers in study groups fostering a deeper understanding of course materials and academic excellence. Joining clubs aligned with your major or interests allows you to engage in enriching discussions and events that complement your coursework.

College is a time of self-discovery and personal growth, and involvement can significantly contribute to this development. Daniella Zacharis; a sophomore class of 2026 is a Double Marketing and Finance Major with an Honors Minor here at SHU. On campus, she is involved with the Choral Program as one of the Recruitment Chairs, a Finance Specialist for Alpha Delta Pi, a Senator on Student Government, a Delight Ministries Member, and a Student Representative for Turning Point USA.  

In an interview with Zacharis, she answered how she felt as a freshman with the overwhelming start to the new experiences here at college, “As a freshman, I was not overwhelmed. I was ready for a new start and ready to see what my next chapter had in store. I found that going into freshman year with that mindset helped me keep my stress levels to a minimal level. The more you think about the difference in lifestyle, homework, or difficulty, the more likely you will stress about it.” 

Zacharis also answered how she felt about how being involved helped her grow into the sophomore she is today and if she would encourage people to get involved like her. “Being involved in all these different organizations has helped me find what I love to do and what I want to continue to focus on for the rest of my years here at Sacred Heart University. I met some of my best friends, and amazing mentors, and found resources I would have never known existed without these people and organizations. Getting involved is not only the “resume builder” people like to nickname it. You get introduced to different communities and find where you can fit perfectly. Just like the last puzzle piece needed to finish it. You can find new passions and explore opportunities and realms that you never knew existed or have wanted to explore before. Step out of your comfort zone, don’t run along with the herd. Take a different path, take your own path, and start to explore your unknown.”

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