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Here at Sacred Heart University, the showcase event known as SHU Slam, has allowed students to come out and share their creativity. From dancers, poets, and painters to fashion designers, rappers, and vocal/instrumental musicians, SHU Slam welcomes all artists to perform their talents.

The event will be held on Friday, Feb. 25, in the Edgerton Theatre at 8 p.m. 

SHU Inception Dance Crew and SHU Dance Ensemble will perform, as well as Hip-Hop Productions. Several other dances, rap artists, and visual artists will perform, and one of SHU’s fraternities, Omega Phi Kappa’s step team is coming out to showcase their work.

This event started back in 2017 by Kari Williams, the Director of Dance at SHU. The staff who plan and put together this event has faced the challenge of students not knowing what SHU Slam is or what to expect due to the event being put on hold for two years due to Covid-19.

In addition to the the talent shown throughout the night, a DJ will host the event and get the crowd pumped up.

Anthony Mellow-Valle will be rapping a song that he wrote during this event. Mellow spent his undergraduate at Sacred Heart and is now in the graduate program.

 “I went to SHU Slam during undergrad; I never performed. I was asked to perform one year, but I just wasn’t ready for it,” said Mellow. “I now have the confidence to go out there and perform my songs to all these people.” 

This event is free for all SHU students with their SHU ID cards. Others who would like to come to the event can purchase General Admission tickets at the box office for $10.

SHU Slam is happily accepting students who want to participate in the upcoming event and are encouraged to reach out to Williams via email.

“We would love to get more talent involved,” said Williams. “Maybe even be in the audience and come up for an open mic.”

Since the event has been on pause, many will experience this event for the first time, even if they are not first-year students.

“What’s a better opportunity than to have something like SHU Slam at the university you’ve been attending? It’s here, you have friends that go here, you’re going to have people showing up and you’re going to be comfortable,” said Mellow. 

Above all, this event is meant to captivate and inspire the audience.

“The event is a great time for all to support and enjoy the arts on campus and leave feeling inspired,” said Williams. “This is a community-driven event more-so than a ‘show.’”

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