Campus Life Leadership Awards

Do you know someone on the Sacred Heart University campus deserving of recognition for their dedication and leadership?

“It is important to recognize students on campus for their hard work and dedication, especially this year as it has been different, to say the least,” said Katherine Morovich, Coordinator of the Student Life Program.

The CLLA’s are run and organized by Student Life and are a way for students to be recognized for their dedication and positive contributions to the Sacred Heart community.

Some of the awards include the Pioneer Awards for one person per class year, the Doug Bohn “Unsung Hero” Award and the John Croffy Outstanding Leader Award, which are all based on nominations. Outstanding faculty, staff, administrators and graduate assistants can also be nominated in “The Final Four Awards.”

Outstanding student leaders are also recognized from different departments for their involvement on campus. Some of the department awards include the Performing Arts, Campus Ministry, Residential Life, Student Ambassadors and Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards.

“I have been nominated. You have to list your involvements on campus and then fill out a form explaining what you do for leadership around campus,” said senior Kelly Aarons-Castellanos.

Some students are not just recognized at the CLLA ceremony at the end of April, but their names are also put on a plaque on the wall across from the glass doors of the dining hall 63’s in the main academic building. Their names are placed on the plaques along with other winners of the awards going back to the 1996-1997 school year.

“I think that they are important because they recognize the incredible things our student population does, but I wish that they were more inclusive of leaders who may be less well-known but still do amazing work,” said Aarons-Castellanos.

This year the CLLA’s are taking place in person with a livestream from the Edgerton Theater for people to watch virtually. The award ceremony will be held similarly to previous years, while also maintaining and following COVID-19 guidelines.

The Campus Life Leadership Award Ceremony is planned for April 28 at 6 p.m. in the Edgerton Theater and is by invite only. The event will also be livestreamed for friends and family to watch virtually.  

This article was contributed to by Carolyn Beddow.

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