Effects Of COVID-19 On My Life  

Sam Lodato
Staff Writer

After hearing the news that the COVID-19 outbreak had come to America, I was filled with fear.

The entire rest of the semester was cancelled, affecting every person differently.

For me, it was the cancellation of “Chess,” the spring musical here on campus that the entire cast and crew had been working so hard on.

For others, it meant leaving the adventure of a lifetime on study abroad programs.   

As a junior, I have had the opportunity to form close friendships with the senior class.

To see some of my best friends have their last semester taken away from them in seconds was heartbreaking.

Like most upperclassmen, my friends and I tried to stay in our school homes for as long as we could until the pandemic prevented us from being able to remain there safely.

I am extremely fortunate to be healthy and safe during this time.  

It has been so incredible to see the way the Sacred Heart University community has been able to provide continuous love and support for each other throughout these times.

From professors offering Webex office hours to Student Government’s spirit week Instagram challenges, the community continues to stay connected.

School work definitely keeps me busy but, I also do enjoy spending time outside while I am home.

Growing up on Long Island, the beach has always been a special place for me. I feel it is the perfect place to unwind and take a break from the stress of school work.   

Unfortunately, many other people also share this love of the beach.

In order to keep the public safe, the Long Beach Mayor, Robert Garcia, has ordered that no one be within 6 feet of each other while on the boardwalk.

Residents have also been told that if this rule is not followed, the boardwalk may have to close in order to keep people safe.  

So, this has given me time to learn some new skills, including embroidery. It was something I have always wanted to try but never had the time.

I encourage you to follow what healthcare providers and community leaders are telling you so we can all remain healthy.  

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