New Degree to Pursue: School Counseling

There is a new Master of Arts in School Counseling(MASC) starting at Sacred Heart University this summer, 2023. It will be offered by the Isabelle Farrington College of Education & Human Development (FCEHD). The course will be online, except for two on-campus residencies.

According to a SHU press release, this is a 60-credit hour program that combines real world experience and 21st century curriculum to prepare social justice advocates and leaders who are proficient, ethical, effective, and data-driven school counselors to support Prekindergarten(PK)–12 students across the areas of educational growth, college and career preparation, and social–emotional growth and development.

Sandra (Sandi) Logan-McKibben, School Counseling Program Director, has been developing the curriculum since 2020.

“We built the program, so it not only earned state approval, but it also is situated for national accreditation with the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs,” said Logan-McKibben. “Our program was created to serve a national audience as soon as we can.”

The SHU press release explained that this program includes on-site residence experiences lasting two weeks that are completed by students on campus. The first residency takes place in COU 520, the first term of the program for the student, and the second residency takes place in COU 610.

The program’s courses use Blackboard’s learning management system and offer both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Students will complete fieldwork requirements totaling 800 hours (SC 550, SC 560, and SC 570) in PK–12 school settings during the program’s final terms (across from state-specific requirements).

“SHU students now have an opportunity to pursue a degree option that helps support students, families, and school staff in promoting well-being and success,” said Logan-McKibben. “Our goal is to offer curriculum and facilitate learning experiences that prepare the next generation of school counselors to handle the multi-faceted role and daily challenges in the quest to best serve Kingergarten-12 students, families, and communities.”

Incoming freshmen who apply to the Bachelor’s-Master of Arts in School Counseling 4+2 Dual Degree Program are simultaneously admitted as undergraduate and graduate students in the program. Students who enroll in the 4+2 MASC Dual Degree program accomplish their undergraduate degrees in four years and their master’s degrees in school counseling in two years.

“I believe that this program offers a great option to students that want to be in the field of education or counseling but are still unsure what direction they want to go in,” said sophomore

Brianna Russo. “This gives them another choice for a possible major that they may want to pursue in the future.”

The purpose of the SHU Farrington College of Education’s Master of Arts in School Counseling is to prepare educational leaders to make a difference in their global community.

“I want to take the knowledge, experience, and insight that I have gained over the last 20 years to build a dynamic and innovative program that offers the knowledge, experiences, and dispositions necessary to be an effective school counselor in today’s schools and communities,” said Logan-McKibben. “It is exciting to see my mantra [Advocate.Collaborate.Educate.] continue to carry with me throughout my career journey and I could not be more thrilled about this exciting program developing the next generation of school counselors who are leaders and advocates for students, families, and the profession.”

To learn more about the online MASC, visit–programs/school-counseling—ma/ and if you have further questions, you can email:

Sacred Heart University School Counseling contributed to this article.

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