Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment at SHU

This past weekend, Sacred Heart University Greek Life kicked off their annual sorority recruitment for the fall. This year marks the first in-person Panhellenic recruitment since 2019, which is being done throughout multiple locations on campus. The eight sororities have gone through this process and added new members into their organizations. 

The process differs from last year, during which recruitment was held completely on Zoom because of Covid-19. With the utilization of masks and the multiple buildings being used around campus, recruitment was allowed to happen in person this year. However, there was a Zoom option available for women in quarantine who were going through the recruitment process. 

Starting this past Friday, women walked through the areas where recruitment was being held and interacted with all eight sororities to try and find their new homes. 

Before the weekend began, both the recruiters and the women going through the process had personal impressions about the events. 

“Looking back on my time at Zeta Tau Alpha, I joined when I was a freshman, and now being a senior and being able to help my chapter continue to grow is something I am proud to be a leader of,” said senior Olivia Sergio, the Vice President of Recruitment and Membership for Zeta Tau Alpha. “This experience has motivated me in ways I never thought possible, and having the support of my sisters is something I value, and they continue to keep me motivated even during stressful times.”

Women going through this process had some concerns and other thoughts going into the weekend.

“Going into recruitment as a freshman can be a little nerve wracking because I’m still transitioning into college life. I’m a little nervous, but I’m more excited to go out and introduce myself to new people,” said freshman Lauren Dioro. 

Organizers of these events ensured that everything ran as smoothly as possible and explained more about the process itself.

“Each sorority has the chance to welcome new members into their organization through three recruitment rounds over the course of three days, being Sisterhood Round, Philanthropy and Service Round, and finally Preference Round. As these rounds happen, the further on it goes, the more intimate they become,” said Kristine Udahl, the Vice President of Recruitment on the Panhellenic Executive Board.  

The excitement and energy was high this weekend for these women who got to go back to a face-to-face recruitment process. Before this process began, there were several pre-recruitment events that were held to enhance this experience even more for everyone involved. 

“We had a lot of pre-recruitment events, such as Grilling with the Greeks, and other specific table times, such as Phi Sigma Sigma’s Krispy Kreme Donut and Starbucks fundraiser to raise money for our philanthropy. These were also great ways to meet potential girls who could join our organization and become a part of our sisterhood,” said junior Jenna Santoro, the Sisterhood Development Chair of Phi Sigma Sigma. 

Starting off the fall semester on a high note, the formal Panhellenic recruitment was something that many incoming women, and current members of these sororities were very excited about and gave them more to look forward to for the rest of the semester. 

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