Senior Week 2023

Senior Week 2023 is a four day-long experience for eligible seniors to attend events and entertainment before graduation. Senior Week begins on Wednesday, May 10 and concludes with Commencement on Sunday, May 14.

Class of 2023 Vice President Alexis Navarro believes that Senior Week is a great time for seniors to bond and end their college experience in a positive way.

“Senior week, to me, is like the last hoorah for all of us seniors to celebrate together,” said Navarro. “It’s a weekend to have fun and commemorate all the hard work we have put into the last four years here.”

On May 10, events for Senior Week will begin with mandatory information sessions and settling into housing accommodations. Seniors have the option to move into freshman dorms for the duration of the week as a way to reminisce on freshman year.

Outing events begin at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 10 at Stonebridge Restaurant in Milford. Other events include a Presidential Brunch in 63’s, a night at Mohegan Sun, and the Commencement Ball.

Class of 2023 E-Board member Caroline Faraday sees Senior Week as a time for seniors to reflect on the hard work they’ve put in the past four years, and to celebrate together.

“The senior class board has worked very hard this year on our events for the senior class, so I am very excited to see everyone come together one last time before we graduate,” said Faraday. “With that said, I think the Commencement Ball will be a memorable night celebrating our time at SHU.”

Senior Week is also a time for nostalgia and looking back on college memories, according to senior Katherine Sullivan.

“I am so excited for all of the fun times I am going to have with my friends and all of the other seniors, but I am definitely extremely sad to be leaving SHU and all of the amazing people I have met here,” said Sullivan.

Navarro had similar feelings about graduation and what comes after college.

“Graduation coming up is a bittersweet feeling,” said Navarro. “It is sad moving on and not being within five minutes of all my friends. Sacred Heart has become my second home, so closing the door on this chapter is hard.”

Students must make sure that they are eligible to participate in Senior Week through the Registrar’s Office. According to the Sacred Heart University website, graduation and Senior Week are connected in the way that students can only participate in Senior Week if they are eligible to graduate.

Registration and payment for Senior Week were due to Student Life by Wednesday, March 22 for packages. Individual ticket registration and payments are due to Student Life by Thursday, April 6.

All-Access Packages include the price for all of the events throughout the week for a total of $550. The General Admission Package also includes all of the events, except for the Family Soiree tickets, for a total of $500. If students plan on housing in a dorm, there is an additional $150 fee.

Students can find more information regarding Senior Week through their school emails, online at, or at @shustudentgov_2023 on Instagram. The Student Government Office located in Hawley Lounge is also open for students to get further information.

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