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On Tuesday, March 23, the Jack Welch College of Business and Technology hosted a virtual event called “She Means Business.” The goal of the event was to teach Scared Heart students about the skills they need to become entrepreneurs and run their own businesses.

The guest speaker of the event was Georgette Pascale, who is the founder and CEO of Pascale Communications, which is an all-virtual healthcare communication and digital marketing company.

Pascale decided to start her own company, Pascale, because her salary was not equal to her work for other companies.

During her presentation, she gave suggestions on what are good first steps for being future entrepreneurs. One piece of advice she shared is that it is important to cut business costs when starting a business. During COVID-19, Pascale needed to cut business costs and decided to change her work to completely virtual.

She also emphasized the importance of having a voice and stated that self-improvement is the most important step to getting a future job.

“You have a voice, and having a voice is important to get some opportunities,” said Pascale.

Another suggestion Pascale gave is to make as many connections as possible in each individual’s specific business field because they can meet more professionals and learn more about their experiences.

Pascale is always studying and learning from students when she hires people in her business. She likes to know students’ thoughts and ideas because being inspired by them makes it possible to get new ideas.

During the event, many people were worried about what will happen in their job-hunting process during the pandemic. They asked several questions about how to prepare for their future jobs.

Pascale taught students to do their own research. Students should see what people really want to do, and connecting with the right organizations is a big part of achieving their goals during the current pandemic.   

“Understanding what is going on is necessary to get the job in this pandemic situation,” said Pascale.

It is also important to think about how to adapt to a new working style. She expanded upon the idea that self-improvement is necessary to get a job. For example, students can improve their graduation projects and create attractive resumes.

In addition, Pascale talked about the necessity of being passionate within a company and understanding its values and purpose.

“It is necessary to have the same missions, and understanding companies’ goals is valuable,” she said.  

Pascale concluded by encouraging students to have more confidence and keep a positive outlook during COVID-19. This challenging time makes people stronger, and it provides time to consider what they want to do in the future.  

“Being educated, nimble and passionate, wherever we’re going for our job, is really important these days and always was, because it is hard to expect what will happen in the future,” said Pascale.

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