SHU Announces Partnership with Food Rescue – US

Sacred Heart University’s dining hall recently announced that they have teamed up with Food Rescue US of Fairfield County to help the communities surrounding the school. Food from the dining halls will be delivered to social service agencies that are supporting individuals and families who experience food insecurity in Bridgeport and Fairfield. 

There is a food donation of surplus food from the dining halls that gets delivered to social service agencies in the community. The food is served by the East End NRZ Market & Cafe and the Eben Ezer Tabernacle Church of God in Trumbull, along with other social service agencies in the area. 

“Food Rescue US (FRUS) works with SHU Dining to coordinate a food donation of surplus food that would otherwise be thrown in the landfill. FRUS volunteers use our web-based app to claim a rescue based on the day of week, time, driving distance, car size, etc. The app provides them with the pick-up and drop-off instructions, so that they successfully deliver the rescued food to a social service agency in the community,” said Haley Schulman, the site coordinator of Food Rescue US of Fairfield County. 

This partnership is also incredibly beneficial for the Sacred Heart community as well and allows students and other groups to involve themselves in the partnership. 

“Getting local schools and student groups involved in our mission has enabled us to strengthen our network of passionate volunteers. We have seen how involving students in food recovery instills long-lasting habits of reducing food waste and builds awareness around food insecurity,” said Schulman. 

This partnership was created when Nathan Saldinger, a student at Sacred Heart, presented this idea and was motivated to make it happen. 

“This all began from an undergrad student who presented this idea to the university. I was then brought on so that I could support the scheduling of pick-ups from our dining halls,” said Kayla Hawley, the director of marketing for SHU Dining.

This partnership allows people to give back to other communities who are in need, and it is a part of the school’s overall mission. 

“I think the partnership is great for furthering SHU’s service commitments, but also for helping people with an essential need. What is special about this type of service is that we do not have to raise money, work long hours, etc. It is unique because it streamlines food waste and at the same time helps to feed our neighbors,” said sophomore Nathan Saldinger, who presented this idea.

Students around campus have been interested in the recent partnership and think that it is a great idea for the school to get into. 

“I think this is an amazing idea. I’m sure so much food gets thrown out and wasted at the end of the day, so it is great that it is being given to people who really need it,” said junior Jamie Fanizzi. 

Sacred Heart may be looking for similar partnerships in the future that allow the school to give back to its neighbors and help people who are in need. 

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