DEAD’s at Red’s

With Halloween this weekend, Sacred Heart’s on-campus pub Red’s will be hosting “DEAD’s,” a zombie-themed prom night on Oct. 27 and 28.

Students who are over the age of 21 can purchase a “fast-pass” for $10 at Hawley Lounge, which will allow students to skip the line and have guaranteed entry between 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m due to limited space. Additionally, all proceeds will be going to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

“I missed Red’s being closed because it was a place where me and my friends could hang out and there was so much gained from going socially,” said alumnus Minas Kostis, class of 2020. “We would find people that we met in freshmen year at Red’s, had one interaction with, and became familiar with them again, and I think that’s the true Red’s effect in that no one is a stranger. But the connection of that went away since we were all remote.”

Last year, Red’s was closed because of Covid-19, but since its reopening this semester, many people have been flocking there for drinks, food and games.

While there are many drink options at Red’s, one favorite is called “The Big Red,” which is beer on tap for $2. Food options include wings, tots and nachos.

“It’s great because the pub is located right on campus,” said senior Matt Capriglione. “Going with friends is a great time, and you always see a familiar face there because it’s primarily Sacred Heart students.”

For DEAD’s, Red’s will be decorated for Halloween and students are encouraged to dress up in unique costumes, not necessarily adhering to the zombie prom theme. For those who wish to remember the night, there will be a spot to take photos.

“I am so excited for DEAD’s night at Red’s,” said senior Madeline Grianndola. ““People already enjoy going to the bar, so when there’s a theme night, it makes more people want to go.”

According to the New York Post, the most purchased costume this year is from the Netflix show “Squid Game”: “From the classic contestant costumes in aqua and white tracksuits to the ominous Red Guards – and even The Front Man, it’s a great group costume idea.”

While there are Halloween options on campus, there are also off-campus events in the local Connecticut area, such as Toad’s Place, a club located in New Haven that will be hosting a Halloween glow party on Oct. 29.

“I heard a lot of people are going to be at Toad’s,’’ said sophomore Nick Palumbo. “It’s great because any college student can go, and it’s not just limited to Sacred Heart people. Students from other schools in the area go as well. My friend group is a mix of all ages, so Toad’s is the place to go.”

Nonetheless, Red’s staff is still looking forward to welcoming students to finally celebrate Halloween this year at Sacred Heart.

“I’m looking forward to working at the DEAD’s event,” said senior Liam Atkins, a bartender at Red’s. “This year, we’re going to be wearing a ripped tux T-shirt that is going to match the zombie prom theme.”

Sophie Camizzi contributed to this article.

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