FedEx Shooter and Gun Control

On April 15, Brandon Scott Hole, a 19-year-old former FedEx employee, engaged in a shooting in Indianapolis, Ind. Nine people were killed, including Hole, who died by suicide. The rifles used were purchased legally.

According to the Associated Press, “‘A trace of the two guns found by investigators at the scene revealed that suspect Hole legally bought the rifles last July and September,’ officials with the Indianapolis police said Saturday.”

Hole legally purchased the two rifles despite red flag laws. “The law is intended to prevent people from purchasing or possessing a firearm if they are found by a judge to present ‘an imminent risk’ to themselves or others,” said the Associated Press.

“Police on Monday identified the high-capacity weapons used by Hole,” said the Associated Press. “One was a Ruger AR-556 Hole purchased in September and the second was an HM Defense HM15F bought in July.”

Sophomore Alyssa Franchi, a cybersecurity major, said that gun control laws should be enforced more, and then fewer situations like this would happen.

“When I heard about this article, I was scared for my personal safety,” said Franchi. “People should be getting background checked even more if they have a mental disorder or suicidal thoughts. I think the ‘red flag law’ is a good way to start changing how people with mental health issues should not be carrying a gun.”

Edward Shea, Deputy Chief of Public Safety at Sacred Heart University, said that people purchasing guns must be background checked before purchasing because of these types of incidents.

“I think each of the recent shooting incidents makes it clear there is a need for re-examining all facets of guns and violence in our society,” said Shea. “President Biden’s proposal addresses several important components such as ‘ghost’ guns and high-capacity weapons.”

Shea also said there must be more gun protection laws put into place.

“There is no one law change that will immediately solve the problem. It will take continued focus and commitment,” said Shea.

Recently, there has been a variety of thoughts surrounding the Second Amendment due to the number of mass shootings in the United States.

“In my opinion, focusing attention on the Second Amendment sometimes distracts us from zeroing in on the root causes of these violent acts,” said Shea. “I think we need to examine the motivations behind these acts, what drives a person to carry out such senseless violence and destruction.”

The state of Connecticut has some of the most restrictive gun control legislation in the country.

“Controlling guns is certainly a very important element that we should continue devoting our energies toward, but also realizing gun violence is a multi-layered problem and each layer needs its own unique solutions,” said Shea.

Sophomore Thea Chronopoulos, a business major, said that safety should always be the top priority.

“It is important for the safety of our community to not allow any incompetent person to  carry a rifle of any kind,” said Chronopoulos.

Chronopoulos said specific laws need to be implemented, especially when it involves the lives of others.

“With innocent lives at stake, Indiana’s red flag laws should have been more enforced,” said Chronopoulos. “This would have prevented the former FedEx employee from buying the two rifles used in the attack and possibly hurting more people. This would have not only prevented incidents such as this one, but events in the future as well.”

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