It’s the Final Countdown

On Feb. 3, Red’s hosted Senior Toast, an event to celebrate 100 days until senior graduation on Saturday, May 14.

“The mood was incredibly vibrant,” said senior Benjamin Bello. “Lots of people were there greeting each other and it reminded me of all the special events and pub nights the Student Union hosted prior to the 100-day countdown. The mood was beyond proactive. Lots of seniors enjoyed dinner and the new menu items.”

With seniors graduating in just a couple months, many are beginning to make plans for post-grad life, including entering the job market or going to graduate school. Some students have even chosen to return to Sacred Heart with seven master’s degree programs to choose from.

“After graduation, I’m going into the Education Master’s Program and will student-teach in the fall,” said senior Rachel Holley.

For those who are pursuing their graduate degrees at Sacred Heart, the relationships that they have developed throughout their undergraduate years with the faculty and staff have been a major factor in their decision-making process.

“The reason I am most likely choosing to come back to SHU for a master’s degree is because of the opportunities presented from the outstanding professors that have guided me through since I first declared being a Marketing major in the fall of 2020,” said Bello.

In contrast, other students feel content with just earning their bachelor’s degrees and will not be coming back to pursue any other form of higher graduation.

“I applied for a summer fellowship in the city at a PR Company,” said senior Anna Pirkl, former staff writer for The Spectrum. “I am excited for my new journey to begin, but I am also afraid to leave my college experience behind.”

“As I entered Sacred Heart as a freshman, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future, but now that my time here is almost over, I am excited to explore my career path as a future public relations officer (PRO),” said Pirkl.

As graduating seniors look back on their journey through Sacred Heart, many offer advice for underclassmen. 

“Always use your time wisely and set personal goals for yourself because graduation will be here before you know it,” said senior Evan Parker. “Although leaving my friends after graduation is sad and I will truly miss the times I had with them here at Sacred Heart, I am ready for the experiences coming my way.”

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