Naming of Upper Quad Residence Halls

BY Asia McCray

Assistant Sports Editor

According to the Sacred Heart University Residential Life and a recent announcement from president Petillo, there will be new dorms opening in the upcoming spring semester in Jan. of 2020.

The twin residence halls on the Upper Quad will be named Elie Wisel and Pier Giorgio Frassati Hall. These halls will be mainly for sophomores and a few upper classmen.

Director of Residential Life Joel Quintong said, “The layout will be like Pioneer Gardens with two singles and one double. It is in a great location and has a lot of common space in addition to each apartment that the students will be sharing.”

Rising sophomores are looking forward to the new dorms for multiple reasons. However, a lot of students have been talking about their excitement for the location and their hopes for more space within the dorm rooms.

“Right now, I live in Jorge Bergoglio hall and there is quality living space,” said freshman Sonia Smith. “But, I hope in the new dorms that there will be enough room for us to store all of our belongings where the room isn’t too cluttered and we’re not in each other’s way too much.”

Other students, like freshman Tyreke Brown, are interested in the furniture and facilities of the new dorms.

“I am expecting them to be more spacious and to have nicer and bigger beds along with better bathrooms,” said Brown.

Quintong reflects on how the construction has improved over the years with the help of the university so that they could provide better quality living areas for students.

“The dorm is a more modern construction because the university has learned a lot about how to design buildings for students to provide them with the best,” said Quintong.

Freshman Khiare Browdy says her and her friends are all hoping to live in the Ellie Wisel and Pier Giorgio Frassati Hall next year. They want to create new memories that they fell short of in their current residential halls.

“The new dorms that they built look extremely nice and I’m excited to possibly live in them. I hope to live there with all friends,” said Browdy. “I expect the new dorms to give me that ‘at home’ vibe rather than a traditional dorm.”

Although the dorm is primarily for sophomores, residential life says it could have room for juniors and some seniors.

However, director Quintong is not too sure about this and says it will depend on enrollment and housing demand.

On the other hand, freshman Carly Stroemel has higher expectations for the dorms aside from space and appliances.

“I love that it’s in the middle of campus with easy access to classes and how eye catching the building is,” said Stroemel. “I am really looking forward to seeing if the new dorms will provide a better kitchen area because I like to cook, so a nice kitchen area would be great coming from Berg where there is just a microwave.”

The Elie Wisel and Pier Giorgio Frassati twin halls will be open for students after winter break. Students can now look forward to a late Christmas gift from the university when they return to their brand-new apartment style dorms for the spring semester.

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