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Apple’s new iOS 16 update was released on Sept. 12, and the new iPhone 14 generation was released on Sept. 16, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. These new releases include unique features and distinct changes.

The iOS 16 update includes features such as allowing you to edit or unsend messages that you previously sent, medication logging and device setup for kids.

The update includes multiple new features meant to improve user experience. Editing or deleting previously sent messages, medication logging, and device setup for kids are some of the included features.

Despite being a long-time consumer of the brand, not everyone is pleased with Apple’s performance.

“I have had an iPhone for four years now and have liked most of the updates Apple has put out. This update is a little confusing to me as the visuals feel off and like an unnecessary change,” said senior Cristian Martinez.

According to the Apple website, iMessage and FaceTime might not complete activation on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro without the new iOS update. Some issues include but are not limited to, “You can’t receive iMessages or FaceTime calls, and recipients see your messages coming from the wrong account.”

A specific update feature with the iOS update that leaves people with concern is allowing you to edit or unsend messages that you sent.

“It gives you the option to edit or unsend a message you would have otherwise regretted. At the same time, it might make us less careful as we always have the option of modifying the text,” said Dr. Tolga Kaya, Director of Engineering.

Junior Bella Leva, an avid iPhone user, firsthand experiences the Apple consumer logistics. “There are times where text messages are used as evidence in situations and people being able to erase their information whenever they choose isn’t necessarily fair,” said Leva. “They aren’t really learning from their mistakes.”

Kaya understands the complications Apple consumers face and feels as though Apple needs a new update. “There can always be issues with the new iPhone releases, but this time Apple’s failure to fix it timely will most likely cause a drop in sales in the short run,” said Kaya.

The newly released iPhones and, in particular, the iPhone 14 Pro have a dramatic change in camera, from being a dual-camera system, now to a pro camera system. The iPhone 14 Pro gives more advancements than the iPhone 14 with a $200 price difference.

“They do expand their horizons and make the phones more tech-savvy. However, new updates slow down older phones and that requires an upgrade,” said Leva. “You’d have to understand that it’s not necessarily cheap.”

Technology as a whole continues to expand and targets society with new advancements. With iPhones being a top consumer product, security comes into play with concern.

“I think Apple claims to increase their level of security with every new update but how true is that?” said Leva. “I’m not sure. You can’t be too sure where your personal information is going and what it is being used for.”

Apple also just released new Apple watches on Sept. 16. Apple has further plans to release more products before the year comes to an end as well.

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