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On Feb.24, Pete Davidson performed a comedy show at the Edgerton Center at Sacred Heart University.

When it comes to getting comedians to come to the university it is quite a process. The university has to go through many different steps to get someone to perform.

“We have a few talent agencies we work with to find out who is currently touring college campuses and whether they are in our budget. We were looking to bring a comedian to campus, and Pete was touring the area this winter, so we put in an offer to bring him to SHU and they accepted. Once the offer was accepted, we negotiated terms and a contract was signed,” said Sara Helfrich, the Assistant Director of Student Activities.

The comedian is well known from appearing on the show, “Saturday Night Live.” The show consists of skits that poke fun of every-day life and events happening throughout the world.

According to IMDB, the comedian incorporates many topics in his stand-up, including his father’s death on Sept 11, 2001. He was devastated by this, but is able to make light of it in his act.

The first half of the show involved two of Davidson’s friends who came out and performed. The comedians, Ricky Velez and Derek Gaines, talked about topics such as what life was like with kids.

“It was worth the $5. My favorite comedian was Derrick Gaines because he was really lively and into it,” said sophomore Elizabeth Turello.

Davidson came out as the third act of the show. He told a variety of jokes from how he did not know the university was catholic and how he thought the students would be in the hallways singing hymns.

“It was really funny, and I enjoyed how there was 3 different people with different senses of humor,” said junior Kayla Williams.

Davidson talked about an experience in which he met the creator of “Rick and Morty”,  Dan Harmon, at a party. The experience was ruined for him because Harmon kept asking Davidson for drinks in the voices of the characters Rick and Morty. Davidson cannot watch the show anymore because he only pictures that moment when he watches it. Davidson still thinks that Harmon is a genius even if he cannot watch the show.

After Davidson was done with the jokes, he opened up a question and answer which allowed the audience to ask him questions.

During the Q&A, he talked about being the youngest cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” and how any skit he is in he writes himself. Audience members also found out that he loves the shows “Big Mouth,” and “Rick and Morty.”

The event was popular with over half of the seats filled up and students buying tickets on the night of the event. When all the students came in and got settled, only a few lone empty seats were seen in the auditorium.

“I had never been to a stand-up comedy show before, but this show definitely made me realized how fun they can be,” said junior Kaylie Schiowitz.

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