A Unique Place I Call Home

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a beautiful place I was able to call home. Cape Cod is a well-renowned area for families to visit for vacation or to have a summer home, and it is known for our famous beaches and seafood, especially clam chowder.

However, my home life was a tad out of the ordinary. My parents owned and ran a unique motel business in the small town of Bourne, MA.

The motel was discovered by my grandparents and has been in my family for 55 years. As my parents grow closer to the age of retirement, they have made the decision to put the quaint, little motel we call home on the market.

My family and I live on the same property as the 17 little cottages on Main Street in Bourne. The motel lies in the center of town. The famous Cape Cod Canal is a walk away and right down the road is the Bourne and Sagamore Bridge that takes visitors over the canal and onto the Cape.

My childhood was out of the norm, but I would never wish to change how I was brought up. Returning customers are now family, and the overall idea of family extends to people who were once strangers. My grandparents took care of these “regulars,” and now my parents do.

Year after year customers will say, “I remember when you were in a baby carriage, Kenzie, being pushed around by your grandmother.” Some of these customers I would know and others I wouldn’t. I recently even attended a wedding of a family who has been coming to the motel for three generations.

People ask me, “Do you wish you grew up in a neighborhood with friends your age?” At a young age, I would wish this because I was confused since all of my other friends lived in a neighborhood with parents who had 9-5 jobs. Now, I look at the motel and the guests as my own little neighborhood. I have made countless friendships. The abnormal lifestyle is filled with stories and memories.

When I first came to college, my friends were shocked and intrigued by my upbringing. When they came to visit, they loved the small little cottages that guests were able to call home while on vacation. In the front of my house, there is a fire pit that all the guests gather around at night to enjoy each other’s company.

It is sad to look out of my bedroom window to the fire pit to see a large “For Sale” sign. My brother and I decided while in high school that we would not take over the family business. We wanted to create our own future aside from the family business.

I always knew that one day we would have to say goodbye to our home. My family established a legacy for our town that will never be forgotten. It will be an extremely sad day when it is time to pack up 28 years of my family’s life and 55 years of memories for my parents. However, I am proud to say that the little motel on Main Street is home to me and so many others.

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